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Original photo album

The album will require the following materials: - Two sheets of double-sided cardboard (as an alternative, you can use paper for pastels) - Whatman (A1) - Photos of different sizes and shapes (circles, squares, etc.) ) - Several sheets of paper of the same color - White thread (preferably so that it is thicker than a regular sewing thread) - Thick needle and a curved needle - Glue - Pencil - Ruler - Scissors - Eraser (about 60 cm) - Tape (one-color or with a picture)
the following materials will be needed
The first step is to prepare the sheets of the album. To do this, draw a sheet of drawing paper into pieces, each of which will be the size of A4 paper. The diagram below shows the cut lines and fold lines.
preparing sheets of the album
Then we place printed and cut out photos onto these spreads of the album. But we glue them on one side only,the back side is left blank.
 album turns
Next, on free turns we paste sheets of colored paper, leaving a couple of millimeters between them in the middle, so there will be no paper stuck on the paper paper interfere with the bend of the drawing paper freely and will not spoil the appearance.
we glue sheets of colored paper
We don’t glue two turns around with colored paper, leave them white.
 paste over with colored paper
The number of pages depends only on the abundance of your photos, so you can increase or decrease it: this will not make the process of creating an album more difficult. Now, using the direct to hinged needle, we make an odd number (in this MK there are 5) holes in the fold of each turn, as well as on the covers. On the cover of the edge, move back about 1-1.5 cm.
 process of creating an album
the process of creating an album
Next, proceed to stitching sheets and covers together.Turns, which did not stick colored paper, we arrange one at the beginning, the other - at the end. Take the first spread and thread the thread as shown in the photo below, leaving a small tail. album creation process
Now we put this spread over the cover. We start a thread under the cover and take it out through the hole, then return it to the reversal hole.
 proceed to the stitching sheets
Inside reversal thread through the next hole and output to the outside, then repeat the same steps as in the previous step.
 we begin to stitch the sheets
Going to the end of the series , insert the needle into the hole of the next reversal. Then we act by analogy.  proceed to stitching sheets After finishing the second row, firmly tighten the thread so that the sheets do not slide relative to each other.
proceed to the stitching of sheets
The result is such a neat seam,which is not necessary to hide the covers.
 proceed to stitch sheets
Now it’s easy to decorate the cover.
decorate the cover
Make a kind of "clasp" out of the rubber band and the album is ready!
 original photo album with your own hands
This is just one of the millions of options for decorating the cover, you can come up with something of your own. On the spreads pasted with colored paper, you can put photos that will appear in the future. Creative successes! [/L_REPEAT]

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