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Lion paper application for kindergarten

Today we make a cheerful African lion. In kindergarten children learn an important skill: acting in accordance with the instructions of an adult, achieve the desired result. They master this skill both in the process of playing and in the process of studying, and especially in doing creative work.

Creating another masterpiece, the children already know that if you put enough effort into it, they will have an interesting hack. The task of the caregiver and any adult is to maintain children's interest, do not let it fade away by picking up original and feasible ideas for creativity.

Application paper kindergarten lionApplication paper lion for kindergarten

One of these ideas could be the “Africa” application. Children love to dream about countries they have not yet been in - thus they are trying to understand the boundaries of the vast world around them.An excellent variant of products on the African theme will be a paperwork “Paper Lion”.

We will make such a lion.

That's the lion we'll do.

What you need:

  • Three thin paper shapes for a cake (you can replace them with paper trays with a slightly corrugated edge);
  • green cardboard
  • orange and black colored paper
  • marker or marker
  • li>
  • glue
  • toy eyes
  • scissors

It is desirable that the cake molds have the appropriate colors: two yellow and one orange. However, you can give the right shade to white shapes - using paints and brushes.

Cut out the bottom of one yellow mold, paste it into the orange.

The corrugated edge of the orange form is cut into thin strips in form a fringe.

Glue on a piece of cardboard, first a whole yellow form, then, slightly stepping on its edge - orange. The head and body of a lion turns out.

 The head and body of the lion

The head and the body of the lion

Five rectangular strips are cut from the paper. Glue them to the yellow circle, like paws and tail.Separately cut the black tip of the tail, glue it.

 Glue the legs and tail

Glue the legs and tail

Draw a muzzle of a lion, attach eyes .

Draw a face

Draw a face


What a gentle lion!

What a gentle lion!

Such an application "Paper Lion" for kindergarten is good because it does not require serious, delicate work therefore it can be performed in a small group of children under the guidance of a single adult.


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