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Holder for paper towels

Paper towels in the kitchen - always an indispensable thing. I propose to make a towel holder with their own hands. Its design is very simple, and the creation will take no more than two hours. At the same time you will get a very strong holder, you will be sure of its durability, as well as that it is environmentally friendly. And imagine how much the wooden holder looks better than the plastic one. To create a holder for paper towels we will need: the remains of a wooden board 2 cm thick, thick steel wire, 10 screws, a Bulgarian, a grinding nozzle for a Bulgarian, a drill . 1. Cut out a rectangle from a board with dimensions 33 by 10 cm.
 Cut a rectangle
2. Cut out 2 rectangles 10 by 12 cm. Using a bulgary, cut one corner, make it rounded.
 Cut out 2 rectangles
3. We put on grinder a grinding nozzle, we grind details to ideal smoothness. 4.Take a piece of wire length of 36 cm. One edge is wrapped so that we have a hook.  piece of wire
5. Now we collect all the elements of the holder. With the help of screws, attach the sides to the back wall.  details 6. Drill with a drill thickness equal to the thickness of the wire, drill holes in the side walls. 7. In the back wall we drill three not through holes approximately to the middle of the board thickness. 8. We thread the wire through the holes in the side walls. 9. We insert three screws into the holes made earlier and use a drill or screwdriver to twist them into the wall. 10. Here is our holder and ready. It remains only to put a roll of paper towels. To do this, we take out the wire on one side, dress the roll and pass the wire into the side wall again.
 Paper towels in the kitchen
Holder for paper towels more often just attached to the wall near the sink, but you can also find him a place near the stove. They are very convenient to use, firstly, because the towel is always at hand, and secondly, because, tearing off one towel,you never mess up the other.
 holder for paper towels

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