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Pillow Cat

Sometimes you want to buy something in your house so that it is not just beautiful and cozy, but also convenient and functional. And if the hands can do needlework, then you can make a lot of beautiful and pleasant things to the heart. One of these crafts can be called a decorative pillow in the form of a cat. It perfectly enliven the interior. In addition, such a thing can be a wonderful gift to someone. For sewing such a pillow you will need the following materials: - dense fabric (preferably slightly stretching) 1x1.5 meters; - white fabric ( stretching) for eyes 15x30 centimeters; - fabric brown or black for nose 15x15 centimeters; - threads black, white and in the color of the main fabric; - buttons 2 pieces black and 2 pieces according to the color of the main fabric ( instead of the second pair of buttons, you can take the zipper in the tone of the main fabric); - the basis for the rectangular cushion (pre-fill with filler).
First you need to cut out all the details from a piece of fabric. This should be done according to the following pattern.Dimensions are calculated based on what size the pillow is planned to be and what size the base for the pillow is sewn.
Then you should flash all the small details. The tail and paws are stitched with an indent of approximately 1 centimeter from the edge of the fabric. Turn on the front side.
 flash all small details
Fabric for the trunk is sewn along the width, taking into account the fact that odor will be made overlap.
Blanks for the ears are two isosceles triangles. Each part is twisted in half along the line from the top to the base and stitch along the edge.
flash all small parts
Then twist the ears and sew to your head. To do this, both parts of the head lay face down. Ears put vertices inward between the parts for the head. Indent about a centimeter and gently sew around the edge, without stitching about 5-10 centimeters in order to turn the head to the front side from the wrong side.
flash all small details
Now the paws, tail and torso are sewn together.The basis for the body is sewn so that the piece of cloth was overlapping.
flash all small details
Now you need to make a "face" to the cat. For this, two circles are cut out of white fabric. Circle around the edge manually sew with a needle with a white thread.
flash all small parts
Insert the filler inside, tighten the thread. It turns out such a bag. His neatly sew to get the ball. sew eyes to a cat face. In the center of the “squirrel”, sew black buttons - these are the “pupils”. Sew on the ball so that the “squirrel” ball is stitched through - so the eyes will hold more firmly.
 sew eyes
By the same principle, make a nose. Sew it to the face. Under the nose with a seam “back needle”, embroider the contour of the cat's mouth.
 make the mouth
After the muzzle is done, the cat's head is stuffed with a suitable filler. The hole is sutured with a secret seam. Head sewn to the body.
do yourself
In a place thatwhere there is a hole for tightening the cover on the base of the pillow, you need to sew 2 buttons (or a zipper lock).
 sew a button
At the end of the work, the fabric of the case should be straightened and ironed, cut off and remove excess thread. Decorative cat-pillow is ready.
Co. pillow
You can give it or keep it as a convenient, functional and unusual interior decoration.

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