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Pimples on the pope: how to get rid of?

Periodically, some people notice that in the area of ​​the buttocks, they have painful sensations on the skin, accompanied by itching. Upon closer examination, we have to state a fact: acne has appeared on the pope, which causes a lot of problems to its owners.

Often people who are prone to such painful manifestations are interested in why acne appears on the priest from time to time, and what is the reason? This place on the body is always covered with clothes, and therefore the access of oxygen to the skin is difficult. Complicating the situation is clothing made from non-natural fabrics, especially synthetic materials, which do not let air in at all. The sedentary work contributes to the appearance of acne, since the skin of the priests, in contact with the tissue, sweats and irritates, creating an excellent microclimate for the development of bacteria.

Factors contributing to the appearance of acne on the priest:


  • Complete lack of body hygiene;
  • Wearing non-natural fabrics;
  • Violation of the sebaceous glands in the gluteal region (excessive dryness or sweating of the skin);
  • "The effect of the sauna" or hypothermia in the buttocks;
  • Skin diseases.

If, despite all the measures taken (exclusion of all the factors listed in the list above), acne still appeared, you need to learn how to remove acne on the priest.

Treatment methods

A single rash in the form of pimples can be removed with the help of a mirror, iodine and cotton buds. It is necessary to point the iodine point of skin lesions on the pope with cotton buds. The procedure is repeated up to two times a day. If the inflammatory process is delayed, iodine is replaced by salicylic ointment (can be replaced by salicylic acid), treating acne in the manner described above.

Effective use of the drug drug "Baziron", which is applied in a dotted manner. It is quickly absorbed into the skin and destroys bacteria. Inflammation can be treated with tinctures of calendula and propolis, as well as with alcohol using a point method of application. Rubbing on the entire surface of the skin can not be, otherwise extensive areas on the skin will be dried out, which would entail another problem.

Some squeeze acne, which is not recommended.As a result of such actions, spots and scars remain on the skin, and it is also possible to infect the wound. If, nevertheless, the extrusion process is unavoidable, it is necessary to disinfect hands and remove the contents of the pimple without excessive pressure, after having treated the wound with iodine or alcohol. Herbal baths with chamomile, train or celandine act well on inflamed areas of the skin. Acceptance of such procedures within 15 minutes has a healing effect and does not dry out the skin.

The appearance of acne on the priest in a child

Sometimes children have acne on the pope. How to get rid of them? - it excites every parent. Initially, it is necessary to contact an experienced pediatrician, as his consultation will help in choosing the best means for treatment. The newborn may also have acne on the priest, the cause of which is hormonal changes. But most often it is prickly heat, which can be cured with talcum powder and frequent airing of this place or lubrication with a special cream designed to eliminate the manifestations of dermatitis in children.

Preventing acne on the priest

To finally forget about such an unpleasant phenomenonlike acne on the priest, it is necessary to take a shower twice a day using gel or soap, not forgetting to wash the gluteal zones. Regular use of a scrub or washcloth helps remove dead cells and prevents bacteria from multiplying.

In public toilets, the seat on the toilet should be covered with paper so as not to sit on contaminated areas of the toilet. You can not allow hypothermia or excessive sweating of the skin in the area of ​​the buttocks. In order to avoid the appearance of inflammations on the pope, you must use a moisturizing lotion, daily applying it on the skin of the priests. It must be remembered that if acne appears on the priest in a child or in an adult, you should use cotton clothes that allow oxygen to pass through the treatment and be sure to follow a diet.


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