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Plexiglas with engraving Guitar

A great gift for a musician and not only -Plexiglass lamp with guitar engraving. It can also be used as an element to decorate an interior, such as a table or shelf, where it can serve as a light illumination

Materials and tools:

  1. acrylic (plexiglas) 115x75x5 mm;
  2. wooden block or lath;
  3. carpenter's glue;
  4. glue gun;
  5. 2 terminals for wires;
  6. wires;
  7. switch;
  8. 9V battery;
  9. battery terminals;
  10. LED strip;
  11. soldering iron;
  12. 2 screws.

Step 1

Download the schemes and, better, order cutting and engraving the guitar on a CNC machine, it’s not expensive.

Or we do the same thing only using, for example, DREMEL. We take plexiglass,cut a rectangle to the specified size. Next, we cut out the flame and engrave the guitar.

We do not make a stand out of the bar, but we collect it from racks of suitable size.

The finished product and the location of all the elements can be viewed on the photo and 3D scheme.

Step 2


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