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Rabies disease

Rabies is a viral disease that affects both animals and people. It is transmitted through saliva infected with a virus, and enters the body through a wound or damaged skin.

The disease is widespread throughout the world, with the exception of Antarctica, in which mammals were not in contact with infected animals from other continents.

About 60,000 people die each year from rabies, mainly in rural Asia and Africa. Their number could have been significantly higher if it were not for the vaccine, which is administered every year to 15 million people at risk of contracting the disease.

In many cases, rabies is infected due to dog bites. The virus is spread throughout the world where there are mammals, living in saliva, being transmitted from one mammal to another.

Animals that transmit rabies:

• dogs;

• the bats;

• foxes;

• raccoons;

• badgers;

• caresses.

It is difficult to recognize mammals infected with rabies, but you can notice changes in their behavior, such as barking at night without interruptions, increased aggressiveness without cause, a mouth full of foam.

When a virus enters a wound, it begins to multiply, reaching the nerves of the spinal cord, which leads to encephalitis. Impact on the brain occurs within seven days, but the disease can also appear several years later, because the virus in the body can be at rest.

There is another form of rabies that has been found in bat caves. This is a rare configuration of the disease, only a few cases of infection have been reported worldwide.


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