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Radio-controlled car: how to do?

I must say that there is a surplus in the modern market of radio-controlled cars, but it is filled with models, usually made in China, although among them you will find a product for almost every taste. However, there are always craftsmen who are not satisfied with the current proposals, or they believe that a radio-controlled machine assembled with their own hands will always be better than even good conveyor units. It is for beginners that our today's article is written. Let's start with the necessary tools, and then we will describe the working procedure and give some useful tips.

How to assemble a radio-controlled car: tools

So, we need the following:

  • model of any car, it is possible and the most simple, any production - even the Chinese, even domestic, American or European;
  • VAZ solenoids opening doors, 12-volt battery;
  • radio control equipment - AGC (not to be confused with Automatic gain control, as the abbreviation is the same);
  • batteries with chargers;
  • radiator;
  • electronic measuring equipment;
  • soldering iron and tools;
  • a piece of rubber (needed to reinforce the bumper).

The scheme of a radio-controlled machine

Well, now turn to the scheme, that is, to the process of creating a high-quality model of RU-typewriter. To begin with, we are collecting the suspension - for this we will need a base model and a 12 V battery. It will look something like this:

Making a radio-controlled car: Step 1

Now we take the VAZ solenoids and plastic gears and collect the gearbox. On the heels and the body we cut the threads so that you can hang the gears and solenoids. Everything should work out like this:

Making a radio-controlled car: Step 2

Now we connect the gearbox to the power supply and check it, after which we install the gearbox into the machine, if passed the test. Install the radiator in order to protect the circuit from overheating. The radiator plate, by the way, can be very securely fastened with bolts. After that, install the power driver and radio chips. They are clearly seen in this photo:

Making a radio-controlled car: Step 2

Well, then we completely collect the body of our car. After that, you can start the test starts the car. And now a few tips.

Useful tips

So, you have a radio-controlled car, how to make it maneuverable and reliable? First, do not overload the model with unnecessary details and systems. Sound signals, luminous lights, opening doors - this is all, of course, good and beautiful, but the creation of a radio-controlled car is a rather complicated process, and even more its complication can negatively affect the main running characteristics of your model. Therefore, the main thing to concentrate on is to make a good suspension and ensure reliable signal transmission. Well, in improving maneuverability and in optimizing speed characteristics, you will be helped by fine-tuning systems during test runs. As for specific schemes, it is simply not possible to describe even a hundredth of them in this article, so I refer you to, in which you will find several hundreds of such schemes with a detailed description.


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