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Repair of a power cord of an electric drill

Repair of the power cord

If the cord is long enough, just cut off the worn piece. The short cable will have to be replaced with a new one.
 Repair of the power cord
At the same time, it is advisable to change a coarse or cracked bushing at the cable entry point. It is not necessary to look for a “native” one; a suitable part is easily selected in any automobile shop. For example, for this drill the protective cover of the actuator stem of the door lock came up.
 Repair the power cord
Try on the rubber bush in the drill body and cut off the excess.
 Repair the power cord
Put the cable cover on, measure the length of the stripping conductors by location.
 Repair Set Vågå cord
clippers to cut the outer rubber shell Remove about 10 mm of insulation from the ends of the wires using a special tool.
 Repair of the power cord
Check the condition of the cord with a tester.
Repair of the power cord

Twist the cable cores, dip them into the rosin and apply solder evenly. >
Repair of the power cord
Wind up several layers of insulation tape in the place where the cord is fixed.
 Repair of the power cord
Connect the conductors to the terminal or directly to the terminals buttons, depending on the scheme of your electric drill.
 Repair Power Cord
Fix both screws of the fixing collar.
 Repairing the Power Cord
Carefully lay the wires, turn the power drill into the outlet and measure the voltage.
Check the location of parts and conductors,assemble the case and fasten with screws.
 Repairing the power cord
Plug in the power drill and make sure that the tool is working.
>img src="https://sdelaysam-svoimirukami.ru/images/20/64-remont-setevogo-shnura.jpg" alt="Repair of the power cord" title="Repair of the power cord">
Performing repairs yourself, keep safety in mind. Turn the disassembled drill into the network only for voltage measurement with insulated test leads. After this, immediately remove the plug from the instrument, excluding electric shock.

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