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Rope in the interior: stylish ideas and practical things

In the era of plastic and instantly fastening glue, we almost forgot about the good old rope. And completely in vain! This material can be used for making decor of various complexity.

Stands in ethnic style

Start with the simplest things. Weave a pigtail from a rope and fold it, holding the edges together with glue or threads. You can attach a small piece of cloth or felt to the bottom.

Decorate the laundry basket

Plastic basket does not look very nice. Wrap it with a light rope, fixing its edges with hot glue. Such an accessory will complement the bathroom or bedroom. You can make a basket for the living room, and store rugs in it.

Weave a bowl for fruit

Fresh fruit is the best decoration of the kitchen. Place them in your own original vase.

Thread Jewelry

Use the rope instead of the chain, and add it with knots of colored thread for embroidery. Make a whole collection of original jewelry.

Weave original rugs

Complete the floor in the hallway or bathroom with a simple rug of rope, woven with the remnants of bright fabric. Secure the edges with hot glue over the entire length.

Build suspended shelves

Excellent and inexpensive storage option. Pick up several plywood boards of the same size, and connect them with a rope to the knots. Paint the edges with bright paint.

Containers for trifles

Use a deep bowl or flower pot as a base. Throw the basket, gluing the rope together. You can twist the rope with colored patches.

Tire garden chairs

Old rubber tires - traditionally used for garden decoration in our latitudes. To make the furniture of them look decent, wrap the tires with a thick rope. You can make a foundation of thick fabric to slightly adjust the shape of the pouf or put several tires together.

Weave a hammock

An excellent device for rest in hot weather can be done by yourself. Complete the hammock with a comfortable sun bed and pillows.

Decorate flower pots

Hide the flaws of old pots, wrapped with a rope and patches of cloth.Thus, you can make a beautiful set of plastic glasses, even.

Curbstone for flowers

Such a piece of furniture would be appropriate to look in any room.

Restore the old shade

Excellent exit if the old fabric lamp shade failed. Such a chandelier will look appropriate in the kitchen or in any room of a country house.

Hang swing

Choose a thicker rope so that not only children, but also adults can use the attraction.

Decorate the mirror

Weave the original frame, which will turn an ordinary mirror into a bright decorative object.

Make glasses for pencils

You will need a plastic bottle, rope and glue. Complete the stand with eyes and spout. Children will clean up the table with pleasure.


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