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Rose Bead

All girls love flowers. Unfortunately, the flowers live pretty quickly. They are replaced by artificial ones. But even they can not permanently keep their appearance perfect. And it is not customary to give artificial flowers - this is a bad tone. But now there is a solution - homemade beaded roses. You can donate them, keep them (in the form of a bouquet) or make a decoration, at the head of which will be your rose. So, in order to make roses from beads you will need: - scissors - fishing line, wire (thin, 0.3 mm), can be colored. - green beads (0.4 mm) - beads of any color (those that will be responsible for the color of the rosette, I took a lot of different) floral tape (optional)
 to make a rose need
Let's start with the form petals, as this is the most difficult. If you succeed, then you can make the rest of the rose. Take the line (wire) and, measuring from it about 0.6 m, cut, then bend it in half. Thread one bead on it in any colorwhich your flower will be).
 Pass one bead
At one end put on another 2 beads and pass the other end of the wire through them.
through them the other end of the wire
Pull at both ends. You should have the following:
 Continue to recruit
Continue to recruit beads with this technique to form rows. To start, 1 bead, then 2, after 4 and so on, until you unplug the row into 16 beads.
Let's start with the formation of petals
Now put on one end of another 10 beads.

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