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Russian TV series, which is not a pity to spend time

Our series is scolded. Hand on heart, there is a reason. We chose five Russian TV series, which stand out against the general background for the better.

"Demon Revolution"

The eight-part film by Vladimir Khotinenko, in which Yevgeny Mironov plays Lenin, and Fyodor Bondarchuk - theorist of the revolution Alexander Parvus. The latter comes to Russia with a bunch of German money "for the revolution." If there is doubt about the correspondence of the series to historical events, then the cast does not cause any doubts. In the role of the wife of Ilyich Hope Krupskaya - Daria Ekamasova, as Inessa Armand - Victoria Isakova. Parvus, by the way, will also be in love with Pauline Andreeva, a young, fiery revolutionary.

"An excellent pupil"

The director of “Good Boy” Oksana Karas filmed the series, which from the first episode resembles the beloved “Thaw” by many: the end of the 50s, Dior's silhouettes, ringing trams, “The Cranes Are Flying” to the cinema and the main character, a little bit like Tatyana Samoilova.Masha Krapivina (Yana Gladkikh), a book girl from a good Leningrad family, a graduate of the Law Faculty of Leningrad State University, fanned by romantic notions about life, goes to work as a criminal investigator at the police station. There, she will have to find out what is not so straightforward in life as in the movies, and unravel the criminal story, which will also be personal. By the middle of the series, the sparkling naive joy becomes less and the clue of the second reality comes out, which is not possible to consider plainly. The thaw time in “Excellent” was deprived of zephyr-candy color, but did not add any other color. Even the beautiful Julia Aug, playing the colorful chief of the police department, suddenly began to chastise her subordinates in a somewhat dreadful way, dull, as if from a barrel.


Dashing divorce drags on itself the whole family in the form of an alcoholic-father, slut-daughter and son, rapidly entering into puberty. Yana Troyanova, with her unique naturalness, puts her fellow actors, even Vasily Kortukov, in his belt, who maintains his drunk role in perfect condition. In general, Troyanova could play all these scenes alone or only with Rosa Khairullina.These two could depict any relationship, and it would have been much wittier and brighter. Imagine only them together as a mother and a stray daughter, an unemployed father and a balsak-aged daughter, tired of the manicurist’s life and the naïve driver of the Ritual gazelle.


A ridiculous adaptation of the cult British series about a large family, headed by an alcoholic father and dragged on his eldest daughter. Russian "Shameless" - not a literal translation from English (or American) versions, the series meaningfully brought closer to domestic realities. Gruzdevs live in Schelkovo, the father is a former rocker and is lying (or not) that he was having a tusil with Kinchev, the homosexual son was changed to an amateur son of adult women. Much is recognizable: the washer is shaking, the father is delivered in an insane state, the fake grandmother with Alzheimer's is hired in a nursing home.


The correct intelligence officer (Igor Petrenko), after a fifteen-year absence, returns to Moscow and engages in the fight against terrorists, who are assisted by agents who have long been recruited by America. The series "Sleeping" attracted attention, in particular, thanks to the public repentance of the director Yuri Bykov.Having shot the sharp films “The Fool” and “The Major”, the series “Method” with Khabensky, flashed with Dudy and won viewers' love with other luxurious interviews, Bykov decided to repent for the propaganda film, shot to order. The point, of course, is personal. However, the series turned out fascinating, with a love triangle and not immediately clear the main traitor.


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