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Scarlett Johansson Meets Colin Joost

Scarlett Johansson, like his namesake from the novel “Gone With the Wind”, is a temperamental and loving girl. Her first marriage to Ryan Reynolds lasted only two years. He was followed by a relationship with French journalist Romain Doriak - the actress married him in October 2014, a month after the birth of their first child, baby Rose Dorothy. This marriage lasted even less than two years: in the spring Scarlett announced that love had come to an end, and the couple filed for divorce - remaining, by the way, friends.

Scarlett Johansson Meets Colin JoostScarlett Johansson Meets Colin JoostScarlett Johansson Meets Colin Joost

The fact that the former husband Scarlett is not sad, it became clear at the end of May: the paparazzi managed to catch the star in the company of the leading comedy TV show Saturday Night Live, Colin Zhost. Despite the statement by the source that the couple has been dating for some time, the reporters did not confirm their affair. It appeared only a month ago: Scarlett and Colin came together to a party that Beyonce arranged.The press immediately remembered how in an August interview, Colin mentioned the affair with a certain “stunning girl” ... Well, now the doubts have finally disappeared: the other day, Scarlett and Colin were caught after kissing on one of the New York streets. Lovers behaved with each other gently and relaxed, as if not noticing that they were being photographed. Let's see how soon this time Scarlett will have an engagement ring on her finger!


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