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Secrets of choosing a vacuum massager

On the eve of summer vacations and beaches, almost every girl and woman tries to bring her body in order as quickly as possible. What just do not take the fair sex in pursuit of ideal forms: all kinds of diets, classes in fitness clubs, swimming pools. And if you want and perseverance, lose a few extra pounds and pump up the muscles is realistic, then coping with sagging skin and cellulite is much more difficult.

Most women struggle with this problem by applying various masks, scrubs, wraps and creams. But, unfortunately, all these actions do not always bring the expected result. Many beauty salons began to offer the service of a professional anti-cellulite massage, during which special massagers are used. But if such procedures are not affordable for everyone, then the acquisition of such a device for independent use is completely feasible.

Vacuum - effective anti-cellulite remedy

The vacuum apparatus has recently become particularly popular in the fight against overweight. He may have several modifications, but the main point of his work is that, capturing the skin and subcutaneous fat deposits in the problem area, it sucks them into a vacuum.

At this moment, the acupuncture points are affected, the blood flow to the place of the massager's impact increases, excess fluid is removed from the body, as well as various toxins.

As a result of such processes, fat deposits begin to gradually dissolve, and the skin is smoothed and tightened. The device has an intensive effect on the deeper layers of muscles and other structures of the body, allowing you to effectively remove extra centimeters.

A professional vacuum apparatus can have additional functions in the form of infrared radiation (heats tissues and provides slag removal during massage) and mechanical massage rollers (strengthens the local effect on heated skin, tightens it and aligns the texture). The procedures that are carried out with the help of such a device are very effective and in just 7-10 sessions you can achieve visible improvements, including:

  • loss of extra pounds;
  • improving the clarity of the silhouette;
  • acceleration of the general metabolism;
  • reduction of cellulite;
  • tightening, improving the appearance of the skin;
  • reduction of edema;
  • elimination of discomfort after excessive physical exertion;
  • relieving tension and muscle pain.

With cash, a professional body machine can be easily purchased and used at home. But for whom the price of salon equipment is too high, you should not be upset, because many manufacturers offer cheaper options that have a similar principle of operation.

How to make the right choice?

In not so distant times the place of modern devices was occupied by ordinary jars, which many people used to use in the treatment of various diseases. But this method is not particularly effective and rather inconvenient, because treacherous cellulite can manifest itself in hard-to-reach places.

And that the trace from it does not remain on a single site of the body, manufacturers offer a wide selection of different hand massagers available at a price. They successfully fight against flabby skin and, due to their small size, easily fit in a handbag, which allows not to interrupt procedures even while traveling.

Such massagers can be distinguished by a set of basic functions, additional options, a way of feeding (on batteries or from a network), power, design and other criteria. Most of the devices are also equipped with a control system that does not allow grabbing a skin fold more than necessary.

Responses about such models are full of Internet, but you can determine the best of them only on personal experience. Deciding to purchase such a thing for self-use, you need to listen to several basic recommendations that will help not to be mistaken with the choice of a vacuum assistant in the fight for beauty:

  1. Stop your choice on a massager with a rubberized handle. This will help to avoid unnecessary slipping during the procedures, even when using special creams or oils.
  2. The best purchase will be the machine, complete with which several nozzles of various sizes are sold. This will allow you to effectively work out the problem areas on the desired parts of the body with varying degrees of absorption.
  3. When choosing an electrical option, you should carefully inspect the cord. It should not have any damage.Such caution can guarantee safety during the procedure.
  4. If cellulite is expressed too strongly, give preference to models that, in addition to the vacuum nozzle, have additional massage rollers. They enhance the efficiency of the vacuum and allow for parallel deep massage of the problem area.

Basic recommendations for use

Having chosen a suitable option for home use, carefully read the tips on using it to get the desired result:

  • Before the procedure, it is necessary to take a shower and warm the body massage of the lungs (this will prepare the vessels for the upcoming load and reduce the risk of bruising);
  • maximum effect can be achieved only if you know how to do the procedure correctly: you should always start using the massager in the upward direction, starting with the ankles, and massage the abdomen in a clockwise direction;
  • you should not linger for more than 10 minutes on one problem zone, and you should not hold sessions more than 3 times a week;
  • There is no need for additional physical effects during use of the massager, because the side effect is the appearance of small bruises.In the case of strong pressure and frequent use, discomfort and noticeable traces may become too obvious.

During the massage procedures it is strongly not recommended to massage such areas as:

  • area of ​​lymph nodes;
  • inner thigh;
  • groin area;
  • axillary hollows.

In what cases it is necessary to refuse vacuum procedures?

Despite all its effectiveness, vacuum massagers, like other similar devices, have a number of contraindications. You should not use this method to combat cellulite in the presence of the following problems:

  • hepatic, cardiac, or renal insufficiency;
  • phlebeurysm;
  • skin diseases (eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis, etc.);
  • mechanical damage to the skin: cuts, scratches, wounds of various origins, burns;
  • tumors on the skin surface;
  • gestation period.

It is not for nothing that a vacuum massager is gaining popularity among women, because the action of such a device in combination with proper nutrition and physical activity will surely bear fruit in the form of healthy and elastic skin.

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