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Separate food as a way of life

The rhythm of life of a modern person does not allow to eat properly. At work, it is not always possible to eat a full meal. And after the skip meal, followed by the use of a double portion in the next reception. This is the biggest mistake that is the main cause of overweight, not counting cases of obesity, caused by health problems.

Separate nutrition is an effective method in the fight against metabolic problems, metabolism, and digestive system. The right combination of products is better absorbed by the body. The ideal interval between meals is 2.5-3 hours: includes 3 main meals and 2 additional. If since childhood, a person has already set the standard of nutrition, and he is still worried about extra weight, it will take a lot of effort to not only adapt to a different food intake mode, but also change their taste preferences. Parents from childhood instilled in that for dinner two dishes are served, consisting of the first and second.The first is served soup, and the second is a side dish with convenience food or meat, and salad. At the end of the meal is offered compote. After such a dinner, it is not surprising that there comes a feeling of heaviness, bloating, gas formation increases.

For separate meals, the first and second courses should be divided into two meals. It is also recommended to combine products correctly in order to exclude fermentation of food in the stomach.

The wrong combination leads to high acidity and gas formation. Garnish and meat must be consumed in different ways and not combined with each other. It is not forbidden to serve warm vegetable and vitamin salads to the garnish or to the meat. It is better to drink tea, water, juice and compote 1 hour before meals or 1 hour after, but not on time. The volume of servings is about 250 g. Include in the diet greens, vegetables and fruits, exclude fried foods and the use of recycled products: sausage, ham, ham, etc. Get into the habit of creating a menu for each week to simplify the task. You can eat properly and tasty. The most delicious food does not mean the most harmful.


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