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Share the idea of ​​love story? We want to celebrate the year together!

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Answered on November 30, 2014 15:04
Congratulations on the anniversary))! I love romance! We made an awesome photo session for our anniversary. We went to the hippodrome, took two horses — my black husband, and I was white. Dressed beautifully, by the way, girls, in a dress on a horse, you can also ride!)) Do not be afraid) made some shots on horseback, then next, the photographer even filmed how we were galloping)) Very cool! I liked that this photo session was very emotional, we laughed and smiled all the time, we were very beautiful. After all, the most important thing is to photograph what you feel good together, and then watch these pictures together in old age and show them to your grandchildren))
Answered on November 30, 2014 15:29
You can change into costumes of the 18th century, appropriate make-up, hairstyles, etc.

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