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Should refusal from hiring to justify it? and what to do if the reasons are not called, but simply do not take?

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Answered on November 26, 2014 12:42
Actually, you should of course tell why you don’t approach them, but they can simply say that they will call you back. As practice shows, the call is not always and not all. And in fact it turns out a refusal to accept a job, but so veiled. You know, I am not always eager to hear the reasons for the refusal, I once asked for my head. The answer was such that my qualifications are low, I don’t know how to work (I just changed a couple of places just before that), and in general I don’t fit their company. It was said politely, but it was doused with a cold shower. If you don’t doubt your talents, then such “revelations” are not terrible for your self-esteem. My week has gone.in order to recover myself, I really thought that I was not fit for this job.

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