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Sineva automatic hairpin

For the creation of everyday hairstyles best barrette. It is easily and quickly attached to the hair, and simple, but at the same time beautiful decorations attached to these hairpins perfectly complement any image.
 Automatic Blue Clip
To make this hair clip:- scissors. - automatic pin. - satin ribbons of blue and white shades. - silver rhinestones. - glue gun. - middle for flowers from crystals.
- Tweezers. Create a hairpin. To make a hairpin, you will need goods with 5x5 cm sides of ribbons of blue and white shades.
 Automatic Blue Hairpin
Now you need to make petals for the central flower and leaflets from these parts. To do this, white and blue squares should be given a triangular shape, folding each detail in half.
 Automatic Blue Clip
Then you need to put them one on top of another,combining their sides with a bend and placing the blue blank from the bottom.
 Automatic Blue Clip
Then holding the double piece, you need to wrap the corner from one side to the middle, closing half of the white ribbon inside.
Pin Automatic Sineva
Then the repeated action should be done from the second side, giving the details a square look with a strip of sgi and diagonally.
Barrette Sinev automatic machine
The prepared square must be folded once again into a triangle along its fold line.
Automatic Clip Blue

It remains to align the edges of the petal, cutting off curves and irregular corners and singing the cuts with a flame lighter.
 Pin Blue submachine gun
It remains to make the detail depth, leaving 0.7 cm and cutting off excess tape. Then you need to clamp the edge of the triangle with tweezers and twist it into a tight tube.
 Hairpin automatic Sineva
The edges of the tube should be singed with a flame to secure the twisting. The result is a middle for a leaflet in the form of a white tube. Such details will require 4 pieces.
 Hairpin Sinev automatic machine
It remains to create leaves of blue tape. The square workpiece must be folded into a triangular piece, folding it in half twice.
 Pin Blue Automatic
In the center of the resulting triangle should insert a tube of white tape.
 Hairpin automatic Sineva
The length of the leaflet should be 2.3 cm, the excess should be cut,and the formed section carefully scorching with fire.  Sineva's automatic transmission barrel
Depth of the part is 0.6 cm, the rest of the leaf must be cut off, immediately processing the scorch.
 Pin Blue Sine
It turns out a blue leaf with a white middle.
 Hairpin Sineva's automatic
Such items must be made only 4 pieces. It remains to combine the leaves, combining them in pairs, and pasting one petal with a rounded tip between them.
 Sineva's automatic transmission pin
Their remaining 8 petals need to create a flower, gluing them together in a circle.
Hairpin automatic machine Sineva
Now you need to attach the leaflets on the two sides of the flower, adding the inflorescence to the finished middle.
Automatic Clip Blue
To attach the back part of the decoration, you need to attach a hair clipper. automatic hairpinBlue It remains to add a flower and its leaves with rhinestones and sparkles.
 Hairpin Blue Automatic
The decoration is ready! [/L_REPEAT]

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