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Skype does not work

I wanted to go to Skype today to chat with a friend, but he does not turn on. What could be the reason?
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Maybe you have an old version of Skype and you need to upgrade to go, so it does not start. Try updating Skype, restarting your computer and logging in, should help.
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There can be a lot of problems, of which the most common are when ports like 443, 3478-3481, 49152-65535 are closed in the wall-frame. The most common problem is the closed port 443, so it must be enabled in order for Skype to work. How to enable port 443 can be read here.
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You can try to make a rollback of the system when skype started up normally, maybe something was wrong that was pressed in the settings or the brandmauer blocks you from entering Skype
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Do a reinstall, I have so hung up Skype. I reinstalled and everything began to work normally.

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