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Spoiled mattress

We have an old mattress in the bed, the last time the springs have crawled out and began to crush the back. Advise which mattress is better to buy to replace the old one and where is it better to buy?
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Answered on June 18 19:33
Take a good orthopedic mattress. On it the back really has a rest. Sleeping on it you can not sleep at all.
Answered 18 June 19:53
After the couch on any bed I feel like a great mattress. By the way, you can buy a thin top on your mattress. Not so will feel the springs
Answered 18 June 19:57
Author, where are you? What is your budget? Now you can buy mattresses from the cheapest wadded to orthopedic, which absorb and do not transmit movement from the person sitting down. to lying on it. and have independent spring blocks. For example, here you can buy an inexpensive mattress in the Crimea, look if it suits you
Answered on July 11 19:33
And we have how many years the spring mattress and everything is in order, no spring sticks and is not broken. Therefore, if I still had the opportunity to choose a good mattress, I bought one.If you generally like to sleep on this, then buy the same one again, but look for another manufacturer.

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