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Steeper Kardashian: Secrets of Femininity Priyanka Chopra

Indian actress, who conquered Hollywood and the heart of Nick Jonas, knows almost everything about sexual style!

Indian actress Priyanka Chopra is very well known in her home country: she started acting in films since 2002. In just 6 years of hard work, Priyanka entered the list of the most successful Bollywood actresses. Many national awards, as well as the title "Miss World - 2000", shooting in commercially successful projects, singing and modeling career - all this star seemed a little.

And now she is firmly established in Hollywood, starring in the popular TV series "Quantico" and the movie "Rescuers Malibu." In the latter, she, by the way, played along with Dwayne Johnson.

A gorgeous brunette with a perfect figure simply could not help but notice Hollywood’s main heartbreaker, singer and actor Nick Jonas, who is 10 years younger. The actors were friends at first, but in the summer of 2018 they finally ceased to hide their relations from the public.

Priyanka Chopra: photo 2018
Photo: Getty Images

Chopra can rightly be called one of the sexiest stars of our time. And this is despite the fact that Priyanka’s charms and naked body are not in a hurry to put on display, unlike sex divas such as Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez or Black China. The actress is able to create seductive and incredibly feminine images with the help of completely different "tools". What is the secret of her success?

Emphasis on the chest.Priyanka Chopra does not wear dresses and blouses with an extreme neckline. She only slightly emphasizes the form, putting on things with a V-neck that is safe for her type of figure. In addition, the actress loves tight-fitting tops, but under them she puts on “invisible” underwear, thanks to which the image in general looks sexy but not defiant.

Flying dresses.The star loves dresses very much and wears them all the time. She goes and romantic flying outfits, and more stringent and classic options. In any case, Priyanka always chooses fitted models with a perfect fit.

Wide pants.Priyanka is very tight jeans, but where more often it can be seen in models of volumetric silhouette. Wide maxi length pants look perfect on her! Heel,loose silhouette, high waist - such a bow looks very feminine, but at the same time reserved.


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