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Stove for bath

We recently moved to live in a country house near Kiev. I like to steam very much, so I want to build a bathhouse on the site. Help with the choice of stoves for a bath, which is better to put?
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Answered 23 June 17:33
According to the traditions of our ancestors, I decided to build a brick oven. Of course, I had to search for a good stove-maker for a long time - unfortunately, this profession is simply dying out. Such a furnace, of course, is melted for a long time, but it keeps the heat for a long time.
Answered 23 June 17:38
I put a wood-burning stove at my place, because we often have problems with electricity in our village. I really like the aroma of wood that fills the room when the furnace is melting.
Answered on June 23 17:46
Now a huge selection of stoves for a bath and each of them has its own characteristics. It is necessary to take into account the size of the room that will be heated, to choose the right size of the sauna stove. You can look and choose stoves for a bath, for example, in this online store I often buy over the Internet - in such stores there is more choice, and there is a delivery of goods.
Answered on September 1 15:04
The choice of stove depends on what you are going to drown it with.

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