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Stylish and unusual tunics 2013-2014 years (11 photos)

Tunic, recently, has become an indispensable element of the wardrobe of almost every girl or woman. And this is not surprising, because tunic is, in fact, a unique thing that goes to every type of figure, besides it is unique because it can recreate almost any image - sports, everyday, romantic, business or even beach.

Naturally, every year designers come up with something new, so every self-respecting woman of fashion should know the range of fashionable tunics in 2013-2014.

Bright and juicy

Tunic is a favorite form of clothing of most famous fashion houses, such as Gucci. By the way, the 2013 collection of this fashion house of the year is replete with a variety of tunics, and in the literal sense of the word, because the main bias this year is in bright and rich colors.

The most popular are tunics, which have rich red, crimson, bright blue, orange and fresh greens. The cut of such tunics is close to the classics, inspired by the images of the 70s, which gives extraordinary refinement and grace.

Most often these tunics are selected with pants to tone, and if you want to stand out, then try combining such a tunic with wide trousers, which will give an extraordinary charm to such a set. By the way, such combinations do not require special materials, as the colors and special cut will not let you go unnoticed.

Another trend of this year is the principle of layering. Bright tunics that are complemented by several layers of fabric, often of different colors, but similar in shades are the indisputable trend of this season. Often, these tunics can have a length slightly more than average, even down to the knees.

For lovers of holiday atmosphere, there is also good news. This season the tunics come back in fashion in brilliant colors, it can be both golden and silver solutions.

Typically, these tunics have a fairly strict cut, but relatively minimal length, as well as only one shade.

Such models are perfect for both evening walks and office work, they look at ease, but at the same time attract the eye. Girls who do not like increased attention can pay attention to gray and brown hues, because they are no less popular in this season, since practicality and convenience are always necessary.

Prints and drawings

Naturally, the principle of monotony is very popular this season, but bright and rich prints and patterns have not been canceled, especially since such colors are ideal for summer tunics.

This year, well-known designers have boldly experimented to search for something really new and unusual, which they, of course, did. By the way, this year special attention is paid to tunics, which are combined with skirts, and not with shorts or pants.

The undeniable highlight of this season was the collection of the famous fashion house Dolce & Gabbana, which provided prints with images of medieval warriors in animated form. So it is worth paying attention to this move of the fashion house when choosing the next tunic for this summer or autumn.

Everywhere do not disappear all sorts of floral patterns, as well as ethnic style, which, just like in that year, will please with its pastel colors and laid-back drawings.

The novelty of this season will be ethnic drawings, which will be expressed in large images, as well as in bright colors. These tunics are mostly dominated in summer collections,have a relatively short length - just above the hips, they will be perfectly combined with short light shorts and, for example, “Spartan” sandals.

Animal prints do not give up their positions, and this season they will delight with their leopard, snake and tiger colors, which, undoubtedly, can give your image a predatory touch.

Another trend of this season has become tunics, which have a free style, something close to kimono, and colors have floral and abstract motifs. By the way, every possible strip and geometric abstraction, undoubtedly, remains fashionable and popular this season too.


An undeniable fresh note, as well as an amazing gift for lovers of all kinds of tunics, will be elongated models. Such models will become very relevant and popular, besides, the questions that need to complement the image will disappear, because such tunics will be quite self-sufficient, and the heels of trousers, leggings or skirts will not require.

In fact, they will be similar to the usual summer dresses, but famous designers still advise to combine such models with thin bright leggings or tights.

Another new product of this season will be tunics, which have a translucent texture, and under them a motley opaque top or T-shirt is hooked. Such airy and unusual models are well combined with narrow jeans and high-heeled shoes, and you also need to add a few accessories - large bracelets in tone and the same earrings. Such a composition will be ideal in a cool summer or autumn evening.

The tunic is an indispensable part of the beach image, which is what the famous fashion houses do not get tired of confirming. Bright, floral and marine themes look great against the backdrop of the sea beach, and also perfectly highlight the merits of your figure, while not forgetting to hide what you don’t want to show.

How to pick up?

The most important and indisputable advantage of a tunic is that it goes for everyone, the main thing is to choose the right cut. Too slender girls will be able to give themselves a bit of volume, and full ladies can hide their thighs and abdomen too protruding, while emphasizing beautiful breasts.

If you complain about the protruding tummy and excessive fullness, then for full ladies it is better to choose fashionable tunics that are slightly lower than the hips and also have a free cut.But do not skimp on the neckline, especially if you have something to brag about. By the way, monochrome tunics or prints that have vertical stripes, as well as laid-back pastel colors will be an excellent solution.

If you have a small height, it is better not to buy too long tunics - they visually shorten you even more.

Do not forget to resort to the help of all sorts of belts, because their stay under the breast or at the waist can correct many errors of not the most ideal figure.

And remember that tunic is best combined with heels, as well as sandals. There are options for shoes on the platform, boots or high boots, especially "cowboy" themes. Worst of all tunics are combined with ballet and slate, they do not have enough elegance for this style of clothing.

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