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Ten most famous boxers in the world

It is human nature to compete, to identify the best, the smartest or the strongest, because, in fact, it is inherent in his nature. Boxing is the best way to identify the strongest in a fair duel: playing by certain rules, to prove what you really can do.

There are a lot of amateurs and even professionals of this business, because almost every second boy dreams of becoming the best, winning many victories and gaining world fame. But those boxers who are considered to be absolute champions stand out among them, in various categories they managed to win many victories, achieve maximum heights and recognition of the whole world.

Today we will make the top 10 best and most famous boxers in the world, talented athletes, whose names are associated with incredible achievements, brilliant and unforgettable fights, as well as brilliant victories.

  1. Mohammed Ali. Whatever ratings about boxers are made up, this name is sure to be in the top three, because it still remains one of the most recognizable people on the planet.Ali's career peak came in the 60-70s of the last century, at that time he really surpassed all existing boxers in all parameters - strength, dexterity, technique, endurance, and so on. In his list - 57 absolute victories, 37 of them ended up for the enemy knockout. At that time, when he was a world champion, refused to serve in the army and go to Vietnam, he constantly spoke with anti-government speeches, for which he was suspended from boxing for three years. After finishing his career, he took up charity work.
  2. Joe LouisAnother name that has become a true symbol of its time, especially for the citizens of America. His main career came in the period from 1934 to 1950, during which time Joe was able to become someone more than even a champion boxer. In many ways, his stormy popularity is connected with the political atmosphere of the country of that time: he was a black athlete who, even during the period of the strongest racial oppression in America, was able to prove that skin color does not matter. He has 66 victories and only 3 losses, which came at the end of Joe’s career when he was not in the best shape.
  3. Ray Robinson. According to the version of many authoritative publications, as well as many real boxing fans, it is Robinson who is a boxer for all time. In his list 173 victories, 19 fights for him ended in defeat, and 6 - is a draw. The heyday of his career came in the middle of the last century, even then he was recognized as the most talented athlete of his time, his incredible strength and sharp lightning-fast attacks surprised him, Ray never chose weak opponents, so to speak, “for statistics”, they were all worthy and very strong.
  4. Henry Armstrong. And again the best of the best, a boxer who managed to be the first in history to take possession of three championship belts at the same time, moreover, only he managed to make the best number of victories - there are only 27 of them in a row, each one being knocked out for the opponent. Henry played from 1931 to 1945, after which he became a coach.
  5. Roberto Durand. Notable is the fact that this man managed to stay on top of a boxing career for an amazingly long time: more than thirty years, from 1968 to 2001, inclusive! In his blood were the makings of a great boxer, and he managed to justify his nickname "Stone Fists" by 100%.Durant was notable for his aggressive fighting style, and he had 103 victories, of which 70 (!) Were knockouts.
  6. Jack Dempsey. He boxed from 1914 to 1927, he is often called one of the greatest athletes and boxers in US history, and, perhaps, the whole world. The immense power and aggression that was spilled in him at the time of the fights made him famous, crowds of fans were always present at his fights, he even invented several new fighting techniques, which, by the way, are used to this day.
  7. Jack Johnson. For a decade, this famous African American boxer remained the champion in heavyweight, no matter how hard opponents tried, nobody could beat him. He performed in the period from 1897 to 1945, which is also a kind of record. He has 114 fights, of which 80 wins and 12 - a draw. He was known among his rivals for being able to evade any enemy attacks, and also had his own battle tactics.
  8. Mike Tyson. Perhaps, this name has been heard by almost everyone, even of those who are not at all interested in the world of boxing. He is called the greatest boxer of our time, his record includes 58 fights, of which 50 are pure victories.Tyson, first of all, was famous for being able to defeat his rival almost in the first seconds of the round, when they made bets on him, did not think about who would win, but thought how much the opponent of Tyson could hold out in battle. In 2005 he finished his career, according to his biography several films were shot.
  9. Julio Cesar Chavez. He is called one of the greatest boxers in Mexico, because he was the six-time winner in three weight categories, famous for his strength and strong chin, in the best years he was able to beat anyone, for good reason 88 of them ended in knockout. Completed his career in 2005.
  10. Rocky Marciano. To some extent, this is a unique heavyweight boxer, because in his entire career, he never knew what defeat is: all his 49 fights ended in a victory for Rocky. He was famous for his increased cruelty to his rivals, for 5 years he retained the title of champion in his weight, it was believed that just at that time there was no such boxer who could beat Marciano. The heyday of his career came in 1948-1956.
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