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The basic rules of summer makeup

In direct sunlight you can stay a few minutes a day. But is it possible? Everyone is looking forward to hot summer days and at the first opportunity to run to the beach. Therefore, you should take care of your skin. Use sunscreen and moisturizers. It would be good to get a cream or a mask with hyaluronic acid and thermal water. In the summer they are very necessary for the skin. But from the scrubs in the hot season is better to give up.

In the morning and in the evening it is necessary to thoroughly clean the skin of the face and neck. Cosmetologists recommend using micellar water for this procedure. But for beautiful skin there are only a few cosmetic procedures. It is important to remember about healthy eating, doing fasting days to cleanse the whole body, drink more fluids (at least two liters per day) to avoid dehydration.

Do not overload the skin with makeup. Thick layer of makeup in the summer is inappropriate. Cosmetics should be the minimum amount. Only in order to favorably emphasize facial features.Too many cosmetics on the face can cause redness and irritation of the skin.

To even out the skin tone, you can use the foundation with moisturizing ingredients. Now for this release light BB-creams with a delicate structure. They cover the skin with a thin delicate cream veil. On oily skin can be applied a little light organic powder.

For summer make-up, a golden-peach, coral shade or bronzer are suitable. It is desirable to use powder and blush only in the evening or if necessary in special cases. Tanned skin in itself looks beautiful and does not really need cosmetics.

Summer makeup should be natural. It is better not to burden the eyes with shadows, but only to emphasize mascara with mascara. If you are not used to doing without shadows, then give your preference to delicate natural tones. In the heat, it is desirable to use waterproof cosmetics. Then you will feel confident, even if it suddenly rains. Brown mascara will give the face tenderness and lightness.

The trump card of summer makeup is the use of lip gloss.You can purchase several translucent delicate and alluring shades. The main thing is that the gloss was moisturizing. In the summer you can’t do without moisture.


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