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The Case of Dreams: 3 stories of how to launch your beauty brand

Find yourself an occupation to your liking - the mission is doable, but the path to this is very thorny. Three heroines, three different stories of building their own beauty business, three examples of personal success that cannot but inspire their own accomplishments.

Minich Daria and Belyaeva Catherine

Minich Darya and Belyaeva Catherine,

founders of the brand of mineral cosmeticsBelka

The idea to create mineral cosmetics came to Daria Minich during pregnancy. As she jokes, "I thought what to do for long winter evenings." Dasha never paid much attention to makeup, but after learning about the magical properties of mineral makeup, she decided to try making it herself. "I have a chemical and technological education, and the creation of cosmetics with my own hands carried me away. So I was born just two projects: son Mark and beauty brand Belka. When Mark was one year old, Katya found me (thanks to her for that), and then my little passion turned into a serious matter.Now we have a line of cosmetics to create the perfect tone of the face - it is transparent powder and masking, highlighters, bronzers and blush.

The main advantage and the main difference from mass production is a very delicate texture, which melts on the skin and lays down an easy imperceptible layer. At the same time, it performs its functions perfectly - it masks, evens out skin tone and relief, mattes, gives a delicate glow, and protects from UV radiation. Belka cosmetics do not contain mineral oils, preservatives, alcohol, synthetic dyes and fragrances. Our clear bestsellers are a highlighter with a delicate shine, no large spangles, and a transparent powder that smooths and smoothes the skin's relief.

At first, I made all the cosmetics by hand at home, but always with the observance of all sanitary standards. After expanding the line and increasing the number of orders, we switched to contract manufacturing in a special laboratory. All the ingredients we bring from the US, and they require customs clearance. Also, all cosmetics are certified in Rostest. "

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Masha Truffle

Masha Truffle,

founder of the workshop for the production of hand-woven cosmetics handmade by Masha Truffle

Muscovite Maria grew up in an ordinary family. True, her mother had an unusual hobby: she made cosmetics for herself, her family and friends. The love for organics was inherited by Masha. "As long as I can remember, we always tried to surround ourselves with everything natural, we wanted to be closer to nature - in nutrition, care, and even in the home. Mom kept in the closet a huge box with essential and fatty oils. We always had homemade creams, shampoos, scrubs, balms and many more different fragrant jars. Especially she never studied anywhere, learned everything herself, from books and other available materials.

Until recently, I did not even think to associate my life with the beauty industry. She received a degree in economics, graduated from university with a red diploma and worked in several major companies. However, in her free time she attended the aromatherapy school in Moscow, where she already studied in depth the dermatology, organic chemistry, the properties of oils and other cosmetic ingredients. In parallel, I always did make-up for myself and my relatives, it was my hobby, and I did not think that it could be sold by making a business out of it.

Once I decided to start my blog on instagram, where I shared with my subscribers my knowledge of proper skin and hair care, talked about oils and herbs. The blog quickly began to gain popularity, and I was increasingly asked questions about whether I could order cosmetics from me. I took the decision quickly. I quit my job and plunged into thinking about the assortment, names, packaging jars, brand logo. I was very supported by my husband, who at the first stage helped with all the arrangements, took over all the paper issues and organized the first large supply of cosmetic raw materials from France. So I had my own website with a cosmetics catalog, and I began to take the first orders.

I have a fairly wide range of products: the catalog already contains more than fifty products for face and body skin care, hair, there is a line of natural cosmetics for the bath, and also there are products for men, children, beauty boxes and gift certificates. All ingredients are natural. Now I am expanding the team: there are more and more orders, I’m barely alone. We are planning to rent a bigger room (now our production workshop is located in Zelenograd) and to purchase special equipment that will help optimize the process of making cosmetics.I continue to study: I ​​am passing a yearly course of medical aromatherapy, then I plan to go for a higher medical education.

I am very happy that my hobby has become the work of my life. Through my cosmetics, I give my customers a piece of my soul, and I am extremely happy to see the grateful feedback from my customers - it means that I am not working in vain! ”

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Anastasia Zaitseva

Anastasia Zaitseva,

the founder of the brand of tea for the bathroomDreams by Mira

The idea of ​​the project Dreams by Mira was born to Anastasia after going on maternity leave. She worked in an international construction company as a financial control manager. She loved her work and was inspired by her, and then went on maternity leave. “My husband always worked very hard and hard. When I was on maternity leave, before the birth of my daughter, I began to think how to help him. I learned about the soothing charges for the bathroom and decided to try to make one of them on my own. So I got my first bath tea, which removes the stress that I tried on my wife, and after that I had a business plan and a project that became a personal matter.

It coincided that at that time the daughter of Mira was born in the family, and it was decided to name the brand in her honor. This event was timed and the launch of baby bath tea - with chamomile flowers. Now there are eight types of bath tea in the line: Just Sleep with lavender and bergamot for a soft and pleasant sleep; Love never fails with rosebuds for a romantic mood; Follow your heart with rosemary, mint and sweet orange (a clear favorite among buyers); baby Sleep Baby Sleep without essential oil with vitamin E to nourish the skin and other flavors with jasmine and lemongrass, hibiscus flowers and grapefruit; in the process - creating a seasonal Christmas flavor. Taking a bath with tea is equivalent to a spa procedure. This is an aromatherapy session, and the skin is nourished with beneficial minerals, swelling is removed. Muscle aches are eliminated.

Our bath teas are a unique product. The stores are mostly sea salt, tinted with dyes and with artificial flavors. We mixed three types of salt: English, Himalayan and Sakas, we add natural flowers, herbs and 100% pure essential oils. Our small production is in Tsaritsyno. All products are made by hand, in small batches.Ingredients come to us from different parts of the country and the world. For example, we have lavender from the Crimea, and essential oils from America. ”


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