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The girl turns the old CDs into the original room decoration

The world does not stand still, and new technologies appear almost every day. More recently, people collected music and film collections on CDs, and today most of these carriers are thrown away. Do not pollute the nature of what is almost impossible to recycle, from the old disks will come a great decor for your home or decoration for you.

To cut the disc, boil it in hot water. So it will be easier to get the details of the desired size and shape.

There are several ways to grind a disk: for this and for another, they use heat. Wrap the disc in a towel, the fragments will not scatter around the room.

Heat the disc with a hair dryer through a towel.

Now with a hammer or even a shoe heel, split the disc into pieces.

For the second method, you will need boiling water.

Dip the disc in water with forceps.

Remove the disc and cut into pieces while it is still hot. Hold the disc with a tack to avoid getting burned.

For disco ball you need a ball of polystyrene foam. Put it on a pin or a wooden stick.

Now pass the wire into the ball, fixing it with both ends of the hole on the ball.

At the upper edge of the ball, form a loop, for which it can later be hung.

Begin to glue the ball with mirror fragments, starting with the "equator".

Cover the entire ball with disc pieces, trying to place them as close as possible to each other.

Compact discs can also be used to create costume jewelery.

Cut the oblong parts of the necklace from the disk.

Using a ripper, sewed or sharp nail, make a hole in each fragment. Pierce from the side of the mirror surface so that the necklace looks neater.

Attach the mirror fragments to the chain. The necklace is ready!

You can complement the necklace with earrings decorated with disk fragments.


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