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The hearts of Japanese women conquered this idea! See how they reuse packaging ...

Japanese girls are as creative as ever, needlework is very popular with them. Not for nothing is the origami homeland. However, what we are about to tell now has nothing to do with origami.
Recently, in this environment, the re-use of packaging from sweets and biscuits is gaining popularity.
We have collected for you the most interesting of these ideas!

bags from packagingCredit: packing boxCredit:

As you can see with the help of ordinary lightning, you can easily turn an unnecessary bag of sweets into a cute little bag for storing small things. In our case, such reuse would be considered something “humiliating”, for them the idea of ​​reuse is in the first place.

candy bagCredit:

Here is such a “pencil box”.

pencil case from sachets of sweetsCredit: candy bagCredit: Credit:

Even the interior of such a bag of sweets is decorated.

Credit: Credit:

They make small bags from old packaging.

handbags from the packageCredit:

(Wow, the child is sitting at the sewing machine!)


wallet from the packageCredit:

And here the packaging of snacks was transformed to such an extent that you can sell.


Do you want a pencil case with your favorite idol? Just buy a package of cookies ...


Patchwork bag of sweets. Mmmm ...

bag of packagesCredit: patchwork bagCredit:

Another bag.

A bag of large packagingCredit:

On the Internet there are lots of instructions on how best to attach a zipper to a package using glue or double-sided tape. It does not take more than 5 minutes and is actually very simple!

Watch the video:

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