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The most fashionable sunglasses of spring

Sunglasses are a treacherous accessory, because the most popular models never live up to the final discounts, and classic ones do not even hit the sale, staying year-round in price. In this case, online shopping lovers have probably already noticed that buying sunglasses “at a distance” is almost more difficult than jeans and shoes. Here they come to you in the corporate case, you open the package, put on a new thing, and for the mirror of "love at first sight" for some reason does not happen: then the arches seem too wide, then the glasses themselves are too bulky or insolently shiny. From all of the above, only one conclusion can be made: buying sunglasses is not an easy task. So we decided to get stuck over it early, back in March, to first see what designers advise on models, and then finally stop at what we like ...

Sunglasses aviators with colored glasses

If you announce a single tendency that was brightly marked in the spring-summer 2017 season in sunglasses, then it will definitely be colored glass.Yellow, green, blue and violet turned out to be the most popular shades, and the designers chose a massive form for such glasses - in a thin metal frame or without it.

The most fashionable sunglasses of spring

3.1 Phillip Lim, spring-summer 2017;

Futuristic Cat Glasses

According to several recent Gucci shows, you can create a “Bible of unusual accessories” - from rings with pearls and insects and intricate bead earrings to a variety of (and a little faddish!) Hats and sunglasses of fancy shapes. Gucci, like many, sympathize with colored glass, retro forms, and even glitter on the rim, which makes their glasses almost a carnival accessory.

The most fashionable sunglasses of spring

Gucci, Spring-Summer 2017;cat glasses Stradivarius (999 rub.)

Round Sunglasses

The round frame triumphantly triumphs not for the first season in a row, but it’s not glamorous, but progressive brands that prefer it. In the American brand Anya Hindmarch, round glasses turned out to be memorable due to leather inserts on the arms - by the way, you can add this handmade idea to your piggy bank and even try it at home.

The most fashionable sunglasses of spring

Anya Hindmarch, Spring-Summer 2017;Bershka's glasses in a round frame (999 rub.)

Wide translucent glasses

The sunglasses from the Fendi show could not be left without attention - they resembled a cult model of glasses from the 70's,when in a fashion there were gigantic frames with translucent glasses that do not hide eye makeup. Let's see if the dragonfly glasses will become insanely popular again, but for now democratic brands are not in a hurry to copy the idea of ​​Fendi.

The most fashionable sunglasses of spring

Fendi, spring-summer 2017;Asos wide translucent glasses (923 rub.)

Mirror Sunglasses

Skiers and snowboarders have mirrored lenses on glasses for a long time have become classics, because they not only look stylish, but also perfectly reflect the sun's rays. But this trend has become a mass precisely because of Instagram, where a boom of mirror frames just happened a couple of years ago. It seems that this chip has not yet become “boring” to designers, otherwise how to explain the fact that there are many more mirrored sunglasses on the catwalks.

The most fashionable sunglasses of spring

Temperley London, Spring-Summer 2017;Quay Mask Glasses with Mirrored Glasses ($ 55)

Pink Sunglasses

Rose glasses quite recently we would have dubbed schoolchildren or completed romantics an accessory, until suddenly this color did not become fashionable so firmly that it lost its association with cloying tenderness and infantilism. And by the way, glasses in light pink metallic - this is another alternative to the annoying “Reiban” in yellow gold.


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