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The most useful products for the nervous system

The frantic pace of life and constant stress lead to the fact that the nervous system of modern people is constantly being tested. It is on how stable it is that our physical and mental health depends. Therefore, it is very important to do everything to strengthen our nerves. It is not necessary to take medications for this. It's enough just to reconsider your diet.

Useful products for the nervous system

We present you the top 10 best products for the nervous system:

1. Berries. Topping our list of healthy products for nerves, of course, berries. They contain a large number of vitamins and other substances that have a beneficial effect on nerve cells. Blueberries and blueberries, which include anthocyanins, deserve special attention. These substances color the fruit in their characteristic color. They help to slow down the aging of nerve cells. In addition, in blueberries a lot of manganese, which the body also needs for normal functioning of the nervous system.Strawberries, which are a natural antidepressant, have a positive effect on nerves, improving mood.

2. Vegetables and fruits. Fiber, which is found in large quantities in vegetables and fruits, helps to eliminate toxins that negatively affect the body, and nerve cells in particular.

The most useful fruit is a banana. It contains a large amount of magnesium, necessary for the formation of nerve cells. Only one banana provides the body with one sixth of the daily dose of this element. In addition, this fruit is rich in vitamin B6 and potassium, which play an important role in the normal functioning of the nervous system. Tryptophan, contained in a banana, converting to serotonin, improves mood.

Of the vegetables, the most useful are fresh tomatoes, which strengthen the nervous system. Also favorably affect the nerves of vegetables such as garlic, beets, onions, cabbage, etc.

3. Dairy products.They contain a lot of calcium, which reduces nervous tension, and phosphorus, which stimulates the normal functioning of nerves.

4. Cereals. Cereals not only contain a lot of fiber, but they also contain various macro- and microelements.For example, buckwheat contains a lot of phosphorus and iron, which improves brain function, and in millet and barley a large amount of magnesium, which improves the transmission of nerve impulses. In addition, cereals are an excellent source of B vitamins, which increase the body's resistance to stress and contribute to the recovery of nerve fibers.

5. Greenery.Spinach, lettuce, mustard greens and other leafy vegetables normalize the processes of inhibition of the nervous system.

6. Seafood.Iodine contained in seaweed, oysters, shrimp and other seafood, is necessary for proper functioning of the nerves. Iodine is especially useful for women, as it allows you to normalize hormone levels and improve the functioning of the thyroid gland.

7. Fish. Many studies have confirmed that fatty acids, which are rich in mackerel, salmon and cod, prevent the risk of depression, protecting nerves from toxins.

8. Eggs. This product is a real storehouse of nutrients. The eggs contain mood-enhancing lecithin and vitamin E, which has a calming effect on the nervous system.

9. Nuts.Sesame, peanuts, almonds and other nuts are rich in vitamins E and A, which prevent damage to the nerves by free radicals. They also have many important amino acids that improve the performance of the whole body.

10. Soy. This is another product that has a beneficial effect on the nervous system, thanks to B vitamins, proteins and amino acids.

Harmful products

In a state of stress, you should limit or even stop using the following products:

  • Tea and coffee. These drinks contain caffeine, which contributes to the excessive excitation of the nervous system.
  • Sweets and carbonated drinks. These products saturate our body with “empty” carbohydrates, which are absorbed very quickly, improving mood, but this positive effect disappears very quickly.
  • Alcohol. The use of alcoholic drinks gives a short-term relaxation effect, but it has a detrimental effect on the nerves.
  • Very spicy and smoked dishes. Too many hot spices irritate the stomach and nervous system.
  • Fast food and semi-finished products. These products quickly saturate, but the body loses a large amount of nutrients.
  • Energy.These drinks overly excite the nervous system.

Our mood and health depend on the state of our nervous system. Eat healthy foods and you will always remain calm in any difficult situation.

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