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These little bags should not be thrown away! Tricks of using silica gel

If you still consider paper bags against moisture something unnecessary and throw them away with the packaging of the goods, these tips will be useful. A lot of things should be protected from moisture not only during transportation. Wonderful bags perfectly handle this!

Save expensive razor

If the disposable machine does not suit you, it is best to store the razor and the blades in airtight containers. A bag of silica gel will absorb excess moisture that is always present in the bathroom.

Do not let the windows sweat in the car

Spread out some bags in the area of ​​the front and rear windows so that the excess moisture does not interfere with the view. You can additionally put the bags in special containers on the side door handles.

If the phone fell into the water

It is better to always have at hand a sufficient number of "magic" bags.Place the phone's battery and memory card in a container with them, and leave overnight. It may be possible to do without expensive repairs.


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