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This is Harley Davidson - a hybrid of a motorcycle and a limousine.

Such a unit is undoubtedly created precisely in order to hit everyone who sees it. After all, this model of a motorcycle Harley Davidson is also a limousine at the same time!

This moto limousine intervenes 8 passengers. It is equipped with a powerful modern engine and weighs about 1.75 tons. Just imagine yourself driving this monster. And it does not matter who to drive, wedding guests or students at the prom. Goggles of passersby are guaranteed to you in any case. And even the loudest music does not drown out the roar of such a motor.

The driver of such a "limousine" during the trip has even more comfort than passengers. The cabin provides comfortable seating and excellent visibility.

The passenger department is designed no less thoughtfully. The lounge is really a lot of space for a great time. Unlike the standard limousine, this one does not need to crawl, bending in three deaths.

All seats are made by new technologies, they adapt to the individual parameters of the passenger. The interior is trimmed with genuine leather. Looks pretty good ...

And the front part of the limousine does not let you forget that the real biker is driving!


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