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Tip 2: How to comb preference

Combs and brushes: what they are

The choice of comb depends on many factors - the thickness and length of your hair, their texture, styles, which you prefer. It is unlikely that you will be able to confine one copy for all occasions. To always look perfect hair, you need to have at least two combs for each day: you should keep one at home and take the other with you. In addition, you will need accessories for styling.
For combing thick hair you need a comb with a long wide handle and sparse teeth. It is advisable to choose models with rounded teeth, which do not scratch the skin. To create the comb we need combs with frequent teeth.
A very popular model is an ergonomic comb without a handle that fits comfortably in your palm. It is equipped with teeth of different lengths made of special plastic. The design of the accessory allows you to quickly comb the hair of any thickness, both straight and wavy.In addition, this comb is suitable for laying wet and easily confused strands.For carrying in a handbag, choose a mini-model. The most convenient folding accessories or combs, complete with a case.
Lay the bangs and parting comfortably fine comb with frequent teeth. Such models usually have a long, pointed handle that is used to form beams and curls.
Create a volume will help hair brushes. Round models are needed for styling - strands are wound on them, which are then dried with a hairdryer. Flat brushes are useful for smoothing or beating curls. Choose models with an inner pad of natural rubber, which removes static electricity well.

The best materials for combs

Modern combs are made from a variety of plastics, wood, metal, bone. The choice of one or another option depends on your personal preferences. If your hair is easily electrified, use wooden combs made from birch, cedar, cypress or other wood species. Such combs are durable, pleasant to the touch, inexpensive.Having bought a wooden comb, protect it from water - under the influence of moisture, the tree cracks.
The most affordable option - plastic combs.Soft bristles made of nylon and other synthetic materials do not scratch the skin, easily slipping along the strips. These combs are suitable for working with various styling products and even hair dyes. To make a thing last a long time, wash it with warm water and clean it with an old toothbrush.
For girls with thin, easily tangled hair, it is better to avoid metallic combs. They electrify strands, hairs push and become naughty. In addition, with constant contact with the metal your curls can begin to split.
Combs made of bone should be attributed to expensive status accessories. Usually such models are beautifully finished, complemented by a convenient case. Bone accessories are very durable, they are easy to wash with warm water and carefully treat hair.

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