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Tip 2: Oval Kitchen

Why make such a kitchen? Only to create an intricate room design, is it convenient? Let's find out what is the use of an oval kitchen.

The advantages of oval kitchens

Round or oval kitchen, you can adjust non-standard elements of the room. For example, in the kitchen there is a triangular or rectangular bay window and it is necessary to position the working area around it. You cannot build a rectangular kitchen set here, but oval-shaped shapes will emphasize the beauty of the bay window - you will get an amazing result! And the oval kitchen can close the protruding box (the shaft of pipes or duct). After all, at the whim of the Soviet builders, small heating pipes can come out in unexpected places, and a round kitchen will hide them.

With the help of oval shapes, you can increase the work surface. The oval kitchen island can be attached to the main kitchen set or you can make it separate. This design is suitable for a kitchen with an area of ​​at least 10 square meters.

Small kitchen

In a small kitchen you cannot build a kitchen island, but even here you can use oval shapes.For example, with the help of oval facades, you can slightly expand the size of the table top and the depth of the kitchen unit. This is convenient when the working surface is small in length - it can be increased in width. It is enough to install semicircular facades on the bottom drawer, thus expanding the drawer itself.

Exclusive design

Interior design is usually crucial, so an oval kitchen can be made purely for aesthetic reasons. Your kitchen can be an eight, a wave shape, from several ovals or other smooth forms - here you can fantasize as much as you like. In addition, such kitchens are usually made on an individual design, so you get an exclusive kitchen set.

But there is an oval kitchen and a significant drawback - its value. The semicircular kitchen is more expensive than the standard one in half. But if you do not plan to make the whole kitchen to order, if you only need to make only a few elements of the kitchen oval, then it will not be expensive.


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