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Tips for a bank loan

Below are recommendations that should be followed when applying for a loan.

Count on yourself only

Before you make the final choice, make sure that the monthly payments will not be an overwhelming burden for you.

For the bank, the main condition is that your payments do not exceed 40-50% of your salary. Therefore, think carefully about whether you are ready to give half of your earnings every month.

Do not give the bank extra information about yourself

Filling out the form, indicate your maximum income, while not specifying all their expenses.

It is worth taking a responsible approach to filling out the questionnaire, because even an incorrectly indicated apartment number can cause a refusal.

Wait for a call from the bank

When filling out your data, specify the mobile number and work phone. Bank employees can contact you during business hours. If for some time a loan officer was unable to reach you, then there is a possibility that you will be denied a loan.

Make out a credit card

If you need a loan to buy furniture or household appliances, then the best option would be to issue a credit card.

According to statistics, credit cards are much cheaper than buying the necessary goods on credit in the store.

Another significant advantage of the cards is their reusability.

Take a short-term loan in foreign currency

A loan of up to three years is best done in euros or dollars, since in this case interest rates will be lower.

However, if you receive a salary in rubles, you will have to pay extra for currency conversion.

Save on interest

The larger the first installment, the less will be the term of the loan, and accordingly the interest.

Also, the loan will be cheaper if the borrower provides a certificate of income from work.

Avoid scammers

You should not agree to apply for a loan for another person. Scammers often enjoy the credulity of citizens. For example, you can be offered for a fee to apply for a loan for any product in the store.


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