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Tips for Choosing the Perfect Diaper

Care for the baby can become easier if you use high-quality products and hygiene items. How to choose a good diaper? Let's figure it out!

Types of Diapers

All diapers can be divided into the following types:

  • Regular disposable. They have velcro, which makes putting on and taking off very convenient. This kind is the most popular among modern moms.
  • Disposable panty diapers. They look like panties, because instead of velcro have gum, like ordinary pants. This type should be chosen if you teach the child to the pot. Thus, he himself will be able to remove and put on a diaper if he wants to use the toilet, and parents will be able to control “oversights” and avoid problems associated with wet pants, diapers, sofas, beds and chairs.
  • Reusable diapers consist of two parts: the base in the form of panties, as well as interchangeable liners. As a rule, shorts are made of waterproof materials, but still not always able to fully contain moisture. In addition, as the experience of many moms shows, this type is not the most convenient.The only plus is saving, but it is insignificant.
  • Bathing diapers are designed for visiting the pool.


There are diapers for babies of different sexes. And the difference between them lies not in the design, but in some features of the configuration, namely in the location of the absorbent layer.

So, in the diaper for the boy, it will be located closer to the front edge of the diaper, and in the model for the girl - approximately in the middle. Thus, features of a structure of children are considered that allows to make use as much as possible convenient.

There are also so-called universal diapers, in which the absorbent layer is evenly distributed over the entire inner surface. Such models are produced by most manufacturers and are used by many mothers, as they are cheaper than special "girls" and "boys".

Times of Day

There are night and day diapers. They differ in the amount of filler (in the night it is more, which allows the crumbs to sleep for a long time and stay firm and dry).

The size

How to choose the best and most comfortable diapers for a small child? Decide on the size.It is usually measured in kilograms, or rather, at certain intervals. For different diapers, the weight intervals can be different, but still it is not necessary to focus on them, since all the kids are different: some weigh more at the expense of growth, while others weigh more.

To choose the right size, it is worth trying, trial and error in this case will be the most effective. But still it is desirable to give preference to an interval with less weight than with a large one. For example, if the crumb weighs 6 kilograms, it is advisable to choose diapers for children weighing 3 to 7 kilograms, rather than from 5 to 11 (they are likely to be large).


The material from which the diaper is made plays a very important role, since it will constantly contact the delicate skin of the baby.

Internal fillers are usually made from cellulose or more modern gelling agents. The latter option is more convenient, such a diaper will absorb much faster and better retain moisture.

The outer layer can be "breathable" and "not breathable." The first has microscopic pores and well retains moisture, but at the same time passes air, and in two directions.


There are the most popular brands, which include such as "Pampers", "Huggies", "Libero" Diapers of these brands are quite high quality, but they are not expensive. The same can be said about Japanese brands such as Goon, Moony, Merries, the characteristics of which have already been appreciated by many mothers.

Diapers of lesser known brands often cost an order of magnitude cheaper and sometimes are not inferior in quality. But to find among them really good are somewhat more complicated.

Tip: advertising should not be a decisive moment in the choice, it is better to rely on personal preferences, features of your child, as well as the opinions of other more experienced mothers.

Pay attention to details.

Some important details:

  • Velcro should be reliable and fairly wide, otherwise the diaper will simply unfasten, especially if the baby is very active.
  • Some diapers have a wet indicator, which may indicate that it is time to change.
  • Some diapers for newborns have a perforated layer that can pass liquid stools, and sometimes it is very convenient, since it avoids strong contaminants.
  • If the packaging is labeled "extra", "premium" or "super", this means that diapers should absorb liquid better. But they will cost, respectively, more expensive.
  • The diaper can be impregnated with special fillers, for example, camomile extract. But some formulations may cause allergies.
  • Diapers for newborns can have a cutout for the navel.
  • The drawings on the outside will delight the crumbs.

How to understand that the diaper is suitable?

How should a perfect diaper sit on the baby? Here's what you should pay attention to:

  • The top edge is located about just above the navel. If it is located below, then most likely the size does not fit.
  • The diaper should not squeeze the tummy or the legs of the crumbs and rub it. If after removing you notice red marks, then the size or cut does not fit.
  • A quality and suitable diaper (provided it is used correctly) should not cause a rash in the baby.
  • Between the body and the diaper should be placed two of your fingers, then the crumbs will be comfortable, because he often moves a lot, and if he is cramped, this will lead to severe discomfort.
  • A suitable diaper should not leak.

Helpful Tips

A few recommendations for young mothers:

  1. It is advisable to buy diapers only in large stores with an impeccable reputation or in pharmacies, in such places they monitor the quality of the goods sold.
  2. If you switch to a new brand, then purchase a small package to begin with in order to assess the quality and find out whether the nappies are suitable for the baby.
  3. If you used diapers of a certain size of a particular brand, you should not expect that diapers of a different size of the same brand will be of the same quality and comfortable. Often the best models are for newborns, since babies who have just been born need special care.
  4. When buying, carefully consider the packaging. Pay attention to its integrity, as well as on the date of production and shelf life. Paint should be resistant.

Now you can definitely choose the best diapers for your baby!

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