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Transformation of old furniture beyond recognition in minutes

  • Anonymous

    trump card

  • Lyudmila

    It is curious how quickly this whole “samokras” will start climbing, especially on the fittings? Especially when the crash is “on the knee”, pretreatment is not mentioned either. And the second objection: such elements require consistency with the general interior, otherwise it will look just terribly inappropriate

  • Anonymous

    And I like the idea of ​​a cool and decent performance, well done

  • Anonymous

    All would have such old (!) Furniture, you can not spoil!

  • Anonymous

    Yes. In minutes. Edak 600.

  • Anonymous

    Old and African junk.

  • Anonymous

    How did she tear off the dried lace !! ??

  • Dmitriy

    Oblezet instantly. Especially on the fittings.
    And since it looks like a wood massif, such a painting is the murder of a thing that was once valuable. Now restore it will be really problematic.


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