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Unconventional use of vodka

Prejudice againstvodkait is quite justified, but sometimes this drink can be very useful.

Even if you treat those who are on the spiritdoes not tolerate alcohol, a bottle of the cheapest vodka should be kept in stock, and here's why.

The use of vodka in everyday life

Vodka is used not only to relieve stress, its useful properties are so extensive that"With Your Hands"plucked a whole list.

  1. Eliminates the smell of cigarettes
    Smoked car seats will gain freshness if they are sprayed with vodka mixed with water in a ratio of 1: 1. The same tool will help remove old stains on the upholstery not only of automobile seats, but also of household seats. In addition to all alcohol disinfects furniture, and its aroma will evaporate quickly.
  2. Clears glass
    Diluted vodka can be replaced with a liquid for washing glasses, mirrors and glasses lenses.
  3. Fights mold
    Sometimes it takes a lot of effort to clean the seams between the tiles. Vodka will make this task easier too! Just spray it clean on the tile joints, and after 5–10 minutes, rinse with a sponge.
  4. Protects plants
    Often, a favorite aphid plants plant aphids, which, as they say, nothing takes. But not vodka. Dampen the swab in the liquid and wipe the affected leaves and stems - the plant is saved.
  5. Brings shine
    Ceramics, porcelain, glass and even metal parts in the bathroom will shine like new, if you wipe them with a cloth dipped in vodka.
  6. Will wash the chandelier
    Fans of crystal lamps with fine details know how hard work is to wash the chandelier. But here there was a use of vodka. Dissolve 3-4 spoons in 0.5 l of water and spray it on the chandelier (turned off, of course), the solution will remove even old dust. Before such a cleaning should be spread under the chandelier well absorbent cloth.
  7. Removes soap spots
    The residue of soap will dissolve the spray with vodka, which should be sprayed onto the soap dish and after a couple of minutes to wash off.
  8. Freshen shoes
    To remove the smell of sweat from any shoes, spray the inside of the vodka solution and allow it to dry. Sneakers as new!

Of course, you can do all these tricks with other alcohol, but remember that some drinks can leave stains.


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