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Upgrading old leather shoes: a unique opportunity to return the leather to its presentation

Natural leather is an expensive material, which is peculiar to slightly stretch in the process of wearing. Over time, wrinkles spoil the look of shoes. There is a great way to align it and return the original look. Even sneakers, which have lost their former form, can easily be restored with a simple trick.

Вмятины случаются.

To restore the shape and remove wrinkles will be needed:

  • steam iron;
  • wrapping paper;
  • cardboard (ideally, liners for the form);
  • 2 small towels.

First, tightly fold paper and combine it with cardboard. The paper in this case acts as a filler.

The resulting design should resemble the ankle as much as possible. It will be the frame, placed inside the sneaker.

During the procedure, it is important to get rid of the laces, since some folds are formed during lacing.

It remains to pour water into the iron and wait until it warms up.

We place the sneakers at a distance from each other, cover them with towels and begin to iron in places where wrinkles form, not forgetting to use the steam function.

Under the influence of hot steam, the skin will smooth out and the towel will act as a barrier.

Making sure that the folds have softened and dispersed, we set aside the shoes covered with towels until dry.

The folds are gone, and the sneakers look like new!

This method can also be used to update diverse accessories made of genuine leather.


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