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Do you want to be in a trend? Colored eyebrows will help!

There is no limit to the fantasies of make-up artists and designers: after ombre-hair, dark green lips and incredible shades of lenses, a completely new, growing vigorous popularity, trend - colored eyebrows appeared!

Needless to say, some of the turns of the fashion industry surprise, amaze, or completely shock, but still most of them are really important innovations, and it’s just necessary for every fashionable woman!

Have you ever thought about the fact that many shocking new products, sooner or later, become commonplace for us, which is important to be able to use correctly?

Naturally, the brightest representatives of the Fashion industry, for example, Lady Gaga or Rihanna, are the first to try on the trend of high fashion: the girls tried on themselves the most fanciful versions of colored eyebrows.

Following the singers, the trend of 2015 is repeated by their loyal fans, and I must say that colored eyebrows are just gaining levels of their popularity.

At Fashion Week in New York and Paris, the first views of fashion designers regarding eye and face makeup in general for the coming year were demonstrated: the colorful eyebrows could not be overlooked at the shows of Badgley Mischka or Christine Phung.

But on the defile of Emilio Pucci, models came to the podium with eyebrows, which were literally littered with flickering particles and iridescent golden shadows.

The fashion trend has begun to spread at a catastrophic rate; today, the novelty is emblazoned not only with the eyebrows of stars and famous Internet bloggers, but also with “ordinary” girls who are striving to be “in the subject. Look at the numerous photos of real fashionistas, maybe something will appeal to you too?

We make color eyebrows

If you want to try something like this on yourself, but do not know how to do it qualitatively, do not worry, there is nothing complicated about it. If you decide to transform your edge completely, then first put a tonal base on them.

Do not worry that the eyebrows will lose their color, because you have to draw them again! Select the appropriate shade of the shadows and apply it over the base with a special brush or sponge.

What color to choose in order to make fashionable makeup look really beautiful? We recommend to choose shades that are in harmony with the color of your eyes, perhaps it is blue, turquoise, aquamarine, purple or dark green.

There are also more risky, but from this, perhaps, even more interesting solutions - orange, lemon or bright scarlet eyebrows! If you want to get to the very top of a fashion trend, then decorate your eyebrows in a rainbow style - believe me, this is the last squeak of modern fashion!

It is important to remember that such make-up is difficult to call everyday, and therefore it is not best to go to the office or evening walk, it is best suited for night parties or themed holidays.

Bright eyebrow makeup is important to properly combine with the rest of the elements: the eyes and lips, in this case, should be neutral. The ideal solution would be eyes, accentuated with expressive eyelashes and lips, which can be applied lipstick neutral tone or transparent shine.

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