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Wax Chalk Painting

Painting with crayons with your own handsis a simple and easy project, with an unexpected end result - the pictures always turn out different and spectacular.

Materials and tools:

  1. blank canvas (sheet of dense white paper - Whatman)
  2. colored wax crayons (the amount depends on the size of the canvas);
  3. office knife;
  4. glue gun;
  5. hair dryer.

Step 1

First, we’ll choose wax crayons - we’ll decide on the necessary quantity and their color, choose colors depending on the picture we plan to get at the end. Take wax crayons and remove the labels from them with a clerical knife. Now lay out the crayons on top of the canvas, choose the order you like as you like.

When we decided on the order of the colors of the wax crayons, we glue them on top with a hot glue gun.

Step 2

Take a canvas with glued wax crayons and set it at an angle. Then take a hair dryer, install it on the hottest air and low air flow, and begin to drive it along the crayons, melting the crayons. To control how quickly wax flows down the canvas, change the angle of the canvas and the heating of crayons with a hair dryer.

As soon as you consider that the picture is finished, turn off the hair dryer, let the wax harden for a few minutes.


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