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We grow Chilean gravilat: planting and care

Gravilat is a perennial, and gardeners can get acquainted with twenty of its species, although in the wild form there are about 50 of its varieties. This flower attracts velvety inflorescences with red, yellow, orange shades. Although it is beautiful after flowering, because the leaves do not fade and do not lose their aesthetic appeal. Plant height - from 15 to 70 cm.

Gravilla Grades - description

In gardening, mountain gravel is most often used with flowers of yellow shades, 15-20 cm high, easy to maintain. For alpine slides, low gravity with shades of different tones is well suited - such a variety of colors will delight from May to August.

Very interestinggravel creepingwith buds in the form of bells, which can be lowered down or vice versa - look up.

Gravilat urban- a tall plant, reaches 60 cm in length, blooms with soft yellow buds. It is unpretentious, blooms in May.

Chilean Gravilat- one of the tall varieties with spectacular red flowers. His hybrids are bright scarlet or acid-yellow tones. Chilean gravilate blooms in mid or late May, blooms for about two weeks.

Chilean Gravilat: planting, growing and care

This perennial shrub prefers the sun - it is better to plant it where there is enough light. As for the soil, it should be low-acid, so when planting it is best to dig up the ground well, bring sand and wood ash to the bed or hole. So the plant will be provided with drainage and the level of acidity will decrease. Also, the bed can be lifted, so that water is not hidden by the roots.

Planting form: each bush should be located 15-20 cm apart.

Graft Reproduction

As a rule, Chilean gravilatum is planted with seeds. When grown plants grow, it can also be propagated by dividing the bush: in the spring, the rhizome is divided with a sharp knife and transplanted to a new place in the well-watered wells. In the southern regions this can be done in early spring, and to the north - it is better in the autumn. After 3-4 years, it is better to update the gravilat.

How to plant Chilean seed gravilat

It is best done through seedlings.In boxes or a greenhouse in early April, seeds are planted in recesses of 0.5-1 cm, and with the onset of heat, the shoots are planted in a permanent habitat. Shoots usually appear after 2-3 weeks. When cold weather sets in, planted bushes should be covered with agrofibre, plastic bottles or plastic film. In the first year you will see only greens, the flowers will appear in the second year.

Chilean gravity care

All that this perennial needs is regular watering, removal of dried inflorescences and peduncles, loosening the soil under a bush.

Fertilizing is carried out 2-3 times per summer: potash-phosphate fertilizers or organic (manure, humus) must be applied for each bush.

An important condition: before strong frosts, the whole plant is cut and mulch the soil with spruce or foliage.

As for diseases, the Chilean gravity is practically not susceptible to damage by pests and diseases.


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