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We improve memory available in all ways.

A good memory is something that every person aspires to. Someone she is given from birth, and someone constantly forgets everything. It's good when you remember everything, but how do we get upset when we cannot remember any trifle, for example, the name of a new acquaintance, whether we turned off the iron or not. Memory helps us to reproduce in the present time all that happened in the past.

There are different types of memory. Depending on which sense organs we receive information, it can be: visual, auditory and motor. By storage time, memory is also divided into short-term and long-term memory.

In the world, no one person has a 100% memory. Our brain is so arranged that it just needs to get rid of unnecessary information. We remember only the most basic, and, as a rule, we forget the details of events. Therefore, it is not at all surprising that people want to know how to improve their memory.

You can improve everything

I want to remember everything!

Remember absolutely everything - is impossible.You can try to memorize, monotonously repeating the same thing, but this rarely gives positive results. Remember how often it happened that you teach, you prepare for the exam, and when you pass it you immediately forget everything that you have so painstakingly memorized.

It’s just that our brain perceives monotonous repetition as violence against itself, and tries to get rid of this information as soon as possible. But how to make sure that we do not forget everything that we have learned? To begin with, it is necessary to figure out what caused the appearance of memory lapses.

The reasons for which a person loses memory

There are several factors that affect our ability to memorize. These may be physiological causes, i.e. our state of health, as well as psychological, i.e. emotional resistance to stress. Let's take a closer look at each of these factors.

  1. Injuries. People who have suffered head injuries or various concussions may suffer memory lapses.
  2. Alcohol and drugs. Regular abuse of these substances leads to the fact that the nerve cells of the brain are destroyed, constantly under the influence of toxins.And memory, as we know, is formed due to neural connections. Therefore, people suffering from various addictions often cannot remember anything.
  3. Diseases. The ability to remember depends on the state of all systems of our body, but, first of all, on the nervous and circulatory systems. Blood supplies oxygen to our brain, which is so necessary for the normal functioning of nerve cells. Such diseases as stroke, Alzheimer's disease, etc. etc., can cause partial or total loss of human memory.
  4. Incorrect food. Our daily diet should consist of foods rich in fatty amino acids, vitamins of group B. And also for the normal functioning of the brain, carbohydrates are needed, which are contained in vegetables, fruits and cereals.
  5. Distraction of attention. When we cannot focus our attention on what is important for us precisely in this period of time, we constantly get distracted by extraneous things.
  6. Fatigue. Each person who left the forces is unable to spend his remaining energy on memorizing some dates, numbers, names, etc. Our body is so designed that it just needs a normal rest.Therefore, you should always get enough sleep. Sleep allows our brain to reboot to work at full power in the morning.
  7. Strong emotional stress. When we experience strong emotions, especially if they are bad, our brain tries to protect us, displacing from our memories everything that can connect us with these events.

If in the first three cases you cannot do without the help of doctors and serious medical treatment, then in the rest you can try to keep a clear memory with the help of a special diet and folk remedies. What can we do at home? Let's turn to the best ways that have been tested by time and millions of people.

Folk remedies to help improve our memory

Everything that is done at home with your own hands is always more beneficial than drugs made from obscure chemicals. They can not only have a positive effect, but also cause considerable damage to our body. What can we do?

Reading is good for humans.

Our ancestors also knew about the beneficial properties of medicinal herbs, and made a huge amount of various tinctures and decoctions from them. Here are some of their properties.

  • Mint and sage have a tonic effect on our nervous system, thereby improving brain function and our ability to remember.
  • Rosemary enhances attentiveness.
  • Ginseng has a calming effect on the nervous system and increases its resistance against stress.

In order to maintain a good memory until old age, one should also not forget about playing sports. Regular exercise accelerates our heartbeat. As a result, more oxygen enters the brain and improves its performance. Therefore, you should walk every day briskly or several times a week to engage in any kind of sports.

Useful for our body as a whole, and for our memory, is tempering. It has a positive effect on the nervous system, improves blood circulation and normalizes blood pressure.

Memory training with simple exercises

  • Turn on the fantasy. If you can not remember a long number, you can turn on the imagination, and present each of the numbers in the form of a familiar figure. With their help, make a whole picture showing the number.
  • Train your attention.When you do something, try to pay attention to more details associated with this process.
  • Read. After reading the book, remember all the names of the main characters. After a while, try again to remember their names; if you forget, reread the book again. And so do not remember.
  • Make associations. If you cannot remember the names of new acquaintances, associate them with your acquaintances with the same names or with the names of stars.
  • Learn poems. As you learn one quatrain a day, at the end of the week, tell the whole verse completely, thus checking yourself.

Remember, to have a clear memory, you need to be healthy and soul, and body.

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