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What are Ambrobene tablets prescribed for?

Why is appointed "Ambrobene"

As a rule, this drug is prescribed by a specialist for the treatment of dry cough. Since Ambrobene tablets contain a special substance Ambroxol, it is under its influence that a large amount of mucus is produced directly by the glands of the bronchial mucosa. Having found this sputum, Ambroxol immediately dilutes it, and then removes it from the lungs, increasing the motor activity of the cilia of the epithelium of the bronchi. As auxiliary components, Ambrobene medicine has magnesium and silicon salts, milk sugar and corn starch.
This drug has a distinctive feature from other mucolytic drugs. The fact is that it contributes to the development in the body of a sick person a certain substance - a surfactant covering the bronchi and alveoli, preventing them from falling off.Indeed, in this case, atelectasis can occur, namely the falling of a part of the lung, which is very dangerous.
In addition, tablets "Ambrobene" is recommended for use in acute and chronic bronchitis, pneumonia, bronchiectasis, bronchial asthma, characterized by difficult to separate viscous sputum. It should be borne in mind that due to the content of milk sugar in the composition of such a drug, this drug should be taken with caution and without fail under the supervision of a specialist to people suffering from diabetes.

Contraindications to the use of "Ambrobene"

Since Ambrobene is not a toxic drug, it has a small number of contraindications. Such a drug is strictly prohibited to take children up to six years. In addition, it can not be used for epilepsy, gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer. It is also not recommended to use tablets "Ambrobene" in case of increased sensitivity of the body to the components of the drug. With extreme caution, the medication is prescribed during pregnancy, breastfeeding, kidney and liver disease, and diabetes.

Side Effects with Ambrobene

The drug "Ambrobene" in the form of tablets rarely causes side effects. However, they are still able to arise. First of all, allergic reactions can appear in the form of urticaria and itchy rash. Gastrointestinal tract organs may experience vomiting, diarrhea, nausea, constipation, drooling, and pain in the stomach. Sometimes, due to the use of tablets "Ambrobene" develop headaches, frequent urination. In addition, dryness can occur in the bronchi, combined with a runny nose.

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