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What are bones for?

In the article I will tell you about what bones are needed for humans and other mammals. We will consider the main functions of the bones, as well as touch on the issue of maintaining healthy bones, because it directly depends on how the bones will perform their functions, helping a person to live a full life.

The main functions of human bones

The most important functions of the bones are as follows. First, they protect our bodies from the inside, for example, the ribs or bones of the skull protect various soft internal organs - the heart, lungs and brain, respectively. These bodies are arranged too thin, and therefore need constant protection. Well, and secondly, the bones form a skeleton, to which muscles and ligaments are attached. Without bones, a person simply could not move and would remain completely motionless. It is bones that are the main link between the brain and muscles - that is, the beginning and end of the nervous chain. If you want, these are peculiar cables, inside which various impulses pass, which are necessary for the harmonious work of all body systems.Therefore, bones are a very important organ in the human body. Thus, the first function of the bones is protective, and the second is motor or mechanical. However, this is not all. In addition to mechanical functions (protection of internal organs, maintaining the shape of the body, providing the possibility of movement), the bones also perform biological functions, for example, hematopoietic. It is in the bone marrow that new blood cells form. Well, and besides, bones are a repository of almost all the phosphorus and calcium in the body, and therefore are important for the exchange of mineral substances, which is also a biological process. And now we will tell you about the functions of the bones in more detail, and then we will talk about how to ensure the preservation of these functions.

What are bones for?

Bones are the main component of the skeletal system and perform in the body both mechanical and biological functions. The first, as we have said, includes the functions of support and body movement, as well as the protection of individual organs and organ systems from various external injuries and injuries. Thus, the brain is protected by the bones of the skull, and the spinal cord is protected by the spinal column, inside which the lungs and the heart are reliably protected by the chest.The movement of the body is carried out with the help of the so-called organs of movement, which include bones, muscles and joints of bones - mainly the joints. And the biological function of bones is mainly their participation in various metabolic processes, since they contain the bulk of all the minerals of the human body. These are calcium salts, and phosphorus, and magnesium with salts, and other elements and substances. Red bone marrow is the main source of elements (cellular) blood. In the process of life, the bones undergo significant changes. In the fetus, they are almost completely cartilaginous, and only then their gradual ossification occurs. In children, bones contain much more organic matter than in adults, and with age, bone strength decreases. In childhood, bones grow together with various injuries much faster.

Impaired human bones

The development of bones and metabolic processes occur under the influence of the nervous and endocrine systems of the body. Exercise is also important for normal bone function.Prolonged immobilization leads to a significant decrease in the mechanical strength of the bones. Also a significant role in the formation of bones has proper nutrition. For example, a lack of vitamins often leads to various deformations of bones and growth retardation, and a deficiency of salts of phosphorus and calcium can lead to increased bone fragility and their curvature. Very often, with bone diseases, all kinds of deformities and pain can occur. Often this is preceded by disproportionately heavy physical exertion. And here it is very important not to worsen the patient's condition by improper actions, and in case of pain in the bones, it is necessary to unload the corresponding section of the skeleton, that is, to create conditions for maximum rest. For example, with pain in the shoulder, it is good to hang your hand on the scarf, and for pain in the leg, limit walking and standing on your feet. While maintaining the same pain, it is better to use a cane. Suddenly appeared deformation of the bone is treated as follows: on the curved part of the limb impose a tire for immobilization, while not trying to straighten it. The most common cause for first aid for various injuries of the bones are sprains and fractures.Bones are a vital organ in our body, performing a lot of not only useful, but extremely necessary functions, so you need to take care of your bones as carefully as possible and, if possible, prevent injuries and illnesses.


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