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What could be the reasons for the delay of menstruation?

Every woman at least once in her life, but faced with the problem of delayed menstruation. The delay of menstruation (menstruation) - is its absence in the expected period. The reasons for this can be many: pregnancy, anovulatory cycle, corpus luteum cyst and other gynecological diseases or diseases of the endocrine system, taking inappropriate oral contraceptives, severe stress, etc.

Monthly in a healthy woman usually always go in the same period. Delay them up to five days and should not cause serious concern, because it is quite natural. But if it lasts longer than five days, this is an excuse to be wary and to check with a doctor just in case.

If menstruation is absent for six months or more - this condition in a woman is called amenorrhea.

Why is there a delay?

Gynecologists have repeatedly noted that the female body is very complex, it is not always possible to identify the reasons for the long delay of menstruation from the first time.Recently, more and more, this happens because of the stress that many women are now exposed to. A crisis at work or in personal life can affect the female reproductive system in this way. In this case, you just need to be more careful about yourself, sleep more and be less nervous, then the menstrual cycle will soon be fully restored.

The second significant factor may be the adverse effects of a too rigid and unbalanced diet. Unfortunately, imposed by television, the so-called ideals, lead to the fact that, in pursuit of stunning forms, some girls bend the stick and as a result receive not an excellent figure, but a serious disorder of the whole organism, including a violation of the menstrual cycle.

This happens because the normal amount of adipose tissue in the body is 15-20 percent in relation to the total body mass. If the ratio is less than fifteen percent, the natural biochemical processes in the body are disrupted, which leads to the inhibition of the cycle.

The third reason may be heavy physical exertion.Such cases are often among women who are professionally involved in sports activities, or those who are engaged in heavy production.

Another common cause of delayed menstruation is ovarian dysfunction. This disease implies hormonal dysfunction of the ovaries and makes itself felt either by irregular menstruation, or a delay of more than 35 days, followed by heavy and prolonged bleeding.

Unfortunately, human psychology, and women's in particular, is designed in such a way that we tend to close our eyes to the problem and wait for everything to work out by itself. But if the delay has already occurred, it means that the body has failed. We need to find the cause and eliminate it, and not wait until the situation worsens.

But there is a very pleasant reason for the delay - this, of course, is pregnancy. In this case, the delay of menstruation is observed throughout the entire period of pregnancy, and after it, depending on the individual characteristics of the organism. After giving birth in a woman’s body, the level of the hormone responsible for lactation, the so-called prolactin, rises dramatically.

If a young mother does not breastfeed her baby, then in this case the delay of her period will be minimal and will last only about six to eight weeks. If a woman is breastfeeding, the delay in menstruation will be much longer, throughout the entire period of lactation, i.e. up to two or three years. Of course, in such a delicate matter there may be exceptions, therefore, in order for the body's recovery to proceed in a proper way and without deviations, the woman must be monitored by a doctor.

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