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What are tights made of?

Galina Uneasy
Galina Uneasy
March 18, 2013
What are tights made of?

Pantyhose appeared in the women's wardrobe much later than stockings. Fashion came to us in the forties of the twentieth century. This product is the result of the combination of panties and stockings. But to wear their ladies were only in the 60s.

A bit of history

Previously worn knitted or made of linen, silk, velvet stockings. But then very quickly became popular products from nylon. Later Lycra was invented, due to which there were no seams. As soon as short skirts came into fashion, tights came to help the ladies.

Later, with the advent of fashion on this element of the female wardrobe, everyone became interested in what tights were made of, and tried to get the highest quality and most beautiful ones. In the 1980s, laced and colored pantyhose appeared. Also gained popularity brilliant tights. After all, the more lycra in them, the stronger they shine.

The composition of tights

The most basic element is polyamide or nylon. Then acrylic and elastin are added to it. For shine may include lycra.Also produced tights based on cotton or wool.

Elastin is needed to create a smooth and velvety effect. Thanks to him, the possibility of clues is reduced. Lycra makes tights more durable.

Many customers do not even know what they are made of pantyhose, which they acquire and wear with pleasure. When buying on the package you can see the inscription "den." It is a measure of the strength of tights. Accordingly, the higher the number of den, the stronger and more elastic the product.

What tights to choose

If you should closely monitor the kapron tights, so as not to get caught anywhere, then such problems do not arise with cotton or wool.

The price of tights depends on their strength, elasticity, the amount spent on the manufacture of the material. Also affecting their value has the presence of any pattern. Expensive are panty hoses. The stronger, more elastic and more interesting the tights, the more expensive they are.


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