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What could a man be?

We often repeat that there are as many characters as people. Indeed, people with absolutely identical characters do not exist. Even the twins, who at first glance cannot be distinguished from each other, at the second turn out to be completely different people. We will tell in this article what a person can be.

What is character

An individual combination of personality traits that manifest themselves in the actions of a person and determine his attitude to the environment, scientists call character. In the translation of the word it means - imprint or chasing. In psychology, there is a branch that is devoted to the study of human nature. It is called characterology. It became a separate discipline recently. It was preceded by such sciences as physiognomy, which studies the connection between the appearance and character of a person, graphology is a science that establishes a connection between character and handwriting.

Character traits

Many are wondering how to determine which person? In the nature of any person, common groups of features are distinguished. B.M.Teplov proposed a system of division into groups.

  • The first group, in his opinion, includes common character traits that make up the mental basis of the personality. These include honesty, integrity, courage and, accordingly, their opposites - insincerity, cowardice.
  • In the second group there will be character traits that reveal the attitude of a person towards people. It is isolation and sociability, malevolence and kindness, indifference and attentiveness.
  • In the third group are those features that express the attitude of a person towards himself. This includes pride and pride, vanity, self-esteem and arrogance, adequate pride.
  • The fourth group is the features reflecting the attitude to work. Laziness and hard work, perseverance in overcoming difficulties and their fear, lack of initiative and activity.

Other scientists also have their own classification of character traits. And they also distinguish such groups as abnormal and normal. Normal character traits are characteristic of people who are mentally healthy. Anomalous - people suffering from mental disorders. Many character traits can be attributed to both abnormal and normal.It all depends on the degree of its manifestation in the nature of man. For example, suspicion. She can be healthy, but if she starts to dominate, then we can talk about paranoia.

Character classification

In modern psychology there is no common typology of characters. There are several classifications by different scientists. So, for example, characters are divided according to their dominant volitional and emotional qualities.

  • The volitional character, the will dominating here, is effective.
  • Emotional character, which is guided by the emotional background.
  • And the nature of the rational, based on the arguments of reason, sober-minded.

Kretschmer, a German psychiatrist, led the classification of people according to their addition. He believes that certain traits are inherent in people with a specific constitution.

  • People of thin physique, asteniki, in his opinion, have such qualities as love for self-analysis and philosophy, weak emotionality, a tendency to loneliness.
  • People of athletic type (high or medium height, well-developed muscles, wide chest) have a strong will, perseverance and stubbornness.
  • People of pyknic type (medium height, with well-developed adipose tissue, weak muscles) are emotional, they seek to get pleasure from life.

The basic character traits are embedded in a person from birth, but he can change them himself during his life. A person who independently forms his character often asks himself what kind of person am I? Almost every student has to write a writing on this topic in school. There are special techniques to achieve results in changing the nature. With their help, if you wish, you can achieve a lot. We talked about what qualities a person possesses, and you decide whether you can form those traits in yourself that you still do not have, but you really want it to be so.


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