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What can dye your hair?

Hair is one of the main ornaments of every woman. But what if your hair is not as beautiful as you would like? Today this problem is solved quite simply. In our stores there is such an abundance of hair-dye, that just the eyes run up! So that's why you need to know exactly what you want to get as a result of staining so that there are no unpleasant surprises.

So, before you dye your hair, you must decide on the color. Which one do you want to become: a blonde or a brunette, or maybe even a redhead? If you have decided on the choice of color, then it is worth deciding where you will do it. Dye your hair at home or in the salon - you decide. At home, of course, cheaper, but in the cabin safer. There you will definitely not become unexpectedly bright yellow or pale green.

What can dye your hair? To date, there are four types of hair dyes: bleaching, chemical, physical and natural dyes.

Bleaching paint

Bleaching compositions are used with an oxidizing agent based on hydrogen peroxide.By reacting with the pigment of the hair, the peroxide makes it light. These compositions are used for bleaching hair for further staining by other means, and as the main dye. For example, before dyeing dark hair in a lighter color, they must first be discolored, otherwise the paint simply will not take, and your hair will become only a barely noticeable shade.

Bleaching is a serious process, and it is better to spend it in the salon at an experienced hairdresser. In case you choose the wrong oxidizer or overdo it on your head, you can burn your hair, and instead of a new beautiful hairstyle you will have dried straw on your head.

Chemical paints

These dyes, reacting with keratin, change the color of your hair. They partially destroy the pigment, penetrating into the structure of the hair, so that the color is stable. The composition of these paints also includes an oxidizing agent. And you can choose any color.

You can paint the whole head in one color, or you can only individual strands or tips. Young girls recently prefer coloring tips.How to paint the tips of the hair? The tips are also first discolored if the hair is dark and then dyed with chemical paint.

Physical paints

These are chemically inactive paints that have only a superficial effect. They are quite easily washed off the hair, as they have only a superficial effect and do not penetrate deep into the hair structure. These are tinted shampoos, balms, soft paints and skins. The degree and duration of coloring depends on the type of hair: if the hair is hard, then the shade will not last long, if soft and porous, the color will be more stable. However, these paints are not suitable for dark and strongly bleached or gray hair. On dark, you will not notice anything, and gray or bleached hair may stain unevenly, and you will get spots.

Natural colors

These dyes do not change the structure of the hair, but penetrate it with the help of biologically active substances that have a beneficial effect on the hair, improving their appearance and condition. They are very persistent. These dyes include henna, which paints in red shades, and basma, it paints in black (but only with henna; without it, basma will color the hair in a greenish color).But there is one drawback. Coloring should be done by an experienced master, otherwise if you make a mistake with color, then it will be very, very difficult to correct what has been done.

So, dear girls, before experimenting, carefully consider what you want to get in the end, and if you decide to experiment, then let it be carried out by a knowledgeable and able person.


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