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What can hurt the lower abdomen?

Pain is a sharp signal to the body that something is wrong. And the sooner you determine what may hurt in the lower abdomen, the more likely it is to eliminate the cause of the pain.

Since most of the vital organs are located exactly in the body of a person, it is impossible to wave the pain in the lower abdomen. In this article we will look at several typical causes of lower abdominal pain in women, men, and common diseases.

General symptoms

To begin, consider the common symptoms for both sexes. To do this, you need to remember which organs are located in the lower abdomen in men and women:

  • Intestines;
  • Appendix;
  • Stomach
  • Reproductive organs;
  • Bladder.

The disease of any of these organs can cause pain in the lower abdomen. The danger of such pain is that there are few nerve endings in the abdomen, which is why it is difficult for the central nervous system to determine which of the organs is bothering you and where the focus of inflammation is.


Inflammation of the lower part of the large intestine may be the reason for the pain in the left lower abdomen.This disease is accompanied by impaired stool, problems with excretion of feces and abdominal distension. You should immediately consult a doctor who will help you eliminate these symptoms. Be prepared for the fact that you may have to stick to a certain diet for a while, to give up certain foods in order to relieve inflammation.


If you are tormented by the question of what hurts right lower abdomen, especially if the pain is acute, then, most likely, it is an appendix inflammation or appendicitis. In no case should not try to "endure" the pain. Suppuration of the appendix may occur, and after it its rupture. After that, pus and infection will get into the abdominal cavity, and removing them from there will be extremely problematic, and even death may follow. So, having felt a sharp pain on the right, immediately call a doctor.


The cause of pain in the right lower abdomen can be gastritis. This inflammation of the gastric mucosa, which is triggered by improper diet. Consult your gastroenterologist, who will help you choose the right diet and medications.


Abdominal pain can also talk about diseases of the bladder. Cystitis is the most common disease in this case. He is accompanied by frequent urging to the toilet, but very little fluid comes out and urination is painful.


In the pelvic region, that is, in the lower abdomen, the genital organs are concentrated in women. The nature of the pain can help determine the cause.

Pulling pain

Check your menstrual cycle, maybe your period will be short? In this case, the appearance of pulling pain in the lower abdomen can be triggered by them. All women have menstruation in different ways, but in about 3-7 days, periodic abdominal pains inform the woman that “those very days” will soon come. As a rule, such symptoms are also accompanied by chest pains, their increase and increase in elasticity, as well as mood swings. All of the above symptoms together called PMS - premenstrual syndrome. The pain will go along with the monthly.

Pulling constant pain

If you have persistent pain in the lower abdomen, that it is quite difficult to determine. You should immediately consult a gynecologist for further examination.Constant pulling pain can be a symptom of ovarian tumors or inflammation of the uterus, and these serious diseases require constant medical attention.

Pulling pain and discharge

When nagging pain is accompanied by uncharacteristic secretions from the genital tract, we can talk about genital infection. The discharge can be blood, purulent, curd, yellowish, and have an unpleasant smell. In this case, you should contact the dermatovenerologist and pass the necessary tests to determine the cause of the pain and prescribe treatment.


Now consider what the pain in the lower abdomen in men means.

Just like in women, men in the lower abdomen have organs of the genitourinary system. And the pains there can signal inflammation of the prostate, prostatitis, inflammation of the kidneys and other serious diseases. Cyst, tumor, cancer - all these diseases can affect the organs of the abdominal cavity. It has been proven that men complain of pain in the abdomen much less frequently than women, therefore, if such pain occurs, one should immediately consult a doctor.


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